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Speed Skating Forum Most of the discussions in this forum will be about inline speed skating but discussions about ice speed skating and quad roller speed skating are also welcome.

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Old August 22nd, 2012, 10:29 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by reefstation View Post
what i would like to know is:
does anyone have any info on the powder (rosin powder) that was used on wood floors for speed club & inter club races ?
who made the stuff..... and who supplied it ?
Rosin powder is available at most sporting goods stores. Baseball players use it, I think to make their grip tacky.
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Old August 23rd, 2012, 02:48 AM   #22
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oops double posted
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Old August 23rd, 2012, 02:52 AM   #23
Living on my EDGE
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I'm 42, married with two girls 13, 10. We have a cat. We live in a log cabin.

History…skated at the rink as a kid – nothing fancy – few spins in the middle but loved it. In my late 20’s I played a bit of roller hockey but was the worst skater (don’t know how I survived actually -- in fact, I shouldn't even say I played -- I just flailed around trying to stay upright. Still, I was nicknamed "The Wall" because no one could get anything past me. Maybe that's because the guys were afraid of me since I was pregnant?) .

Four years later, my husband and I started going to a tiny tot session when our girls were small for exercise and entertainment value. We both had roller blades. A few years later, they (husband and girls) started going to a beginner speed class (I was at work). My husband was totally sold on the sport. Since we all ski he saw the potential for using skating as a cross training. We ski 4 or more days a week. I'm the only NON-ski racer -- but tempted.

The girls eventually joined the inline speed team -- a year later my husband joined -- then me a year and knee surgery after him in Nov '11.

They spend about 10 hours on the rink floor a week and I spend about 6 hours now. Phew.

I enjoy indoor and outdoor skating when possible in the PNW. Aside from weather we have to drive an hour to the rink (when there is NO snow) or 40 minutes to a smooth road in summer.

I'm now delving into quads after the girls (they started at session a year ago)...husband will be last to follow. Dang...who needs another sport???

Luigino ultras
Bont carbon quad racers
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Old September 6th, 2012, 09:51 AM   #24
ice princess
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In general I prefere online privacy, but few words about me to avoid confusion

I'm not female - it's just a user name - someone called me so, many years ago, when seeing me ice skating. I live in saxonia / Germany, and I'm in men's best age. Started with skating in 1998 on rec. skates, switched to speed a year later, but always just for fun. Competed in several road races over the years, but when family and job gets more important few years ago, I lost shape and motivation... But since this year I've adjusted priorities a bit, started regular training 2..3 times a week, trying to wear out my old equipment (and the not so old too) and to catch up again to the guys I was skating with the years before. In the beginning I was more adicted to the equipment, but over the years I got more wise, and recognized what really makes me faster (no, not dope!)

I read many posts in this forum over the years, so roughly I know how to judge some of the other users - even not everyone. Joined this forum, because the local ones suffered alot, and this one is more up to date with almost everything about skating.
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Old September 13th, 2012, 08:52 PM   #25
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Smile Jay here..


Jayant (Jay) here! 40 years old. Ya, never dreamed I'd be into speed. It started 4 years ago dusting off some K2 Express 2000's skates I bought around 2000. In addition seeing olympic speed-skaters. For some reason it "stuck" this time 'around. I was hooked *though never thought I'd become so addicted. I did it mainly to supplement weight training with interesting cardio. I loved the workout and though terribly sore afterward (a great feeling sore) I wanted to do it again and again! And I did do it again and again again!! *I began to watch videos and happened upon Mr. Matzinger and the double-push. That really inspired me. Nonetheless I spent hours in the parking by the University of Toledo here working on technique and exercises to improve. I decided after 2 years to
Move up to bigger wheels and bought some Mach 100's (k2) with the hi-lo set up. Loved those skates! Still yet perusing the inline warehouse website, I never thought I'd pick up a pair of those crazy yet beautiful looking speedskates. "now those are *insane!" I'd think. * Somewhere along the journey I started thinking about competition. Dunno why, perhaps *just the athlete in me refusing to completely lie dormant. I hadn't competed in anything since cycling in college. Maybe it was the fact that I have a tendency to push myself like I am training or competing for something. Again, maybe just all the years of sports I did- running, basketball, swimming, football, etc. Sometime in the winter I began to dream of speed skates and eventually got some at the end of May (Bont Semi- race 3pt.) They came on the same day that my K2 Mach 100's got stolen out of my car. Go figure! I entered my 1st race in July (Chicagoland) and skated the 1/2 marathon distance. Had a blast! Now I'm seeking to do indoors over the winter. Just experienced 1st speed practice last week. That was quite different but exhilarating. So who knows where this journey might lead.
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Old September 15th, 2012, 02:27 AM   #26
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Hi all!

I got my first inlines about 18 months ago because one of my art coaches said it would increase my endurance. I started taking beginning speed on my semi race from Naz at milpitas. When the rink closed I followed the team to San Jose. My coaches are Deb and Wonger. My lap time has gone from 18+ seconds per lap to 14, I want to be under 13 this season.

Last season I competed in team dance, figures and Novice Masters Speed, and the Napa inline half marathon...

Keeping my hip in the correct place was wreaking havoc with my speed leans, so this season I will compete in Novice Masters Speed. (and maybe attempt the full marathon at Napa)

Funny how it goes.

Harlick Custom, Roll-line Mariner, Komplex or Cannibals
Harlick Custom, Roll-line Giotto, Roll-line 49 Magnum
BONT Vaypor, 100mm, Atom Whip xtra-firm
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Old October 9th, 2012, 01:24 PM   #27
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Hey Everyone,

My name is Chris, I am 28 years old and live in Missouri. I started inline skating early in life, which developed into a passion for inline hockey and ice hockey. I took a brief hockey break when I was 13 because I moved to a town that only had inline speed skating. I competed for a season placing 4th at the sophomore JO level.

I moved back to my hometown and quickly was back involved with hockey. I started playing ice hockey for MSU when I was a freshmen, and suffered a serious ankle injury 2 weeks before the season started. After 8 months on crutches and 2 surgeries to my right ankle, I stopped skating.

Picked up inline speed skating again in 2011 and haven't stopped since. I am now competing indoor, with hopes to skate my first marathon in the 2012-2013 season. I skate at the MSSL speed meets in the Elite Men Division! Looking forward to a great indoor season.
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Old October 10th, 2012, 01:28 PM   #28
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I'm Lisa-
Started skating when I was about 2 1/2 (so I'm told), got my very own figure skates when I was 4 (according to the birthday picture), figure skated till I was around 6 or 7 (LOL - my mom's memory ain't what it used to be & she's not sure on this) and then switched to speed once I saw a speed practice at our local rink (wish I could remember that on my own, but I can imagine it, as my mom told me "that was IT" - that was all I wanted to do......and that is how I feel when I see other people speed skate even now!). I competed speed until I was 16, rink ratted until I was 18 & then walked away from skating 100% for 30 years (personal issues & pig headedness). In winter of 2010, my (then) 6yo daughter wanted to learn to ice skate.....and, when she started trying to do spins & jumps on my hardwood floors with her blade covers on, I got her some cheap roller skates (ok - the floors are old, so wheels on them ain't gonna kill them -- but blades/covers....well....) and she rolled around on those until I finally broke down & took her to a rink near our house. Hated to admit it when I opened the door & smelled "the rink smell" but that was IT......all over again. Walked out with skates (quads)......found some old skating friends on FB (one all the way in Iowa)......me & Mr Iowa decided to make a Quad NTLS comeback in 2011 but the darn inliners at my rink (where I had started to go to speed practice) were RELENTLESS in their pursuit of me skating inlines. Well, life happened & I switched to inlines & Mr Iowa couldn't do Quad NTLS after all......but I did inline NTLS!!! My goal for 2012 was to start training for NSIM but due to some physical issues that fell apart. Trying to re-group now.....may or may not ever get to NSIM, but like an earlier poster put it........just tryin' to not get my 48 yr old butt stuck & fat on the couch......and, darn it.........I just love this skating stuff........
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Old October 13th, 2012, 10:04 PM   #29
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Thumbs up uh oh

he he after many many years of participation on the forums another round..

my name is Jan and i'm born and bread in Rotterdam, netherlands.

I "seriously" inline-skate for about 9 years now, started when our kids went on blades.

apart from skating i do wakeboarding, have a small powerboat, alpine skiing.

further i like to draw/sketch with pencil. I have studies electronics and management and have a marketing job in the telecomms industry.
"the internet is a world without borders - where the heart is the only passport you carry" ~carl santana
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Old March 4th, 2013, 04:26 PM   #30
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Default Anji :)

Hi, out there!

I am 44 years old and I play roller derby but want to get involved in speed (as well, not instead of). Unfortunately, there are no teams in my area (Toledo, OH). I am mostly here looking for suggestions on how to start a speed team/club in our area. Even if it's just outdoor inline or something to start, I think our area could/would benefit from having one. Any suggestions?
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Old March 9th, 2013, 04:52 PM   #31
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Greetings Anji (and everyone else too!), and WELCOME to speed skating!
I'm in the same siuation you are... I live in Columbus, OH and the rink I race for is in Garrettsville, almost 2 hours northeast of me.
As best I can tell, the closest quad speed teams to you are in Vandalia, OH (north of Dayton; about 2 1/2 hrs south of you) and on the east side of Ft. Wayne, IN.
I'm not sure about inline speed teams.
One of my team members has some experience at starting a speed team; if you want me to put her in touch with you, please let me know.
A few local speed leagues you may want to look into:
Great Lakes (includes western Ohio)
Buckeye (Ohio Speed Skating Tour)
Tri-State (Portage Skates) (includes northeastern Ohio)

My name is Denny.
I started quad speed skating just north of Philadelphia, waaaay back in 1960.
I raced for various teams in PA and NJ, for both organizations (RSROA and USARSA) until I went into the military in 1975.
I enjoyed a moderate degree of success... state and regional championships in relays and individual divisions, and even placing 2nd and 3rd a couple times each, at USARSA Nationals.
The highlight was when I was selected to the 4 man USA team that raced in England in 1974.
In 1975 life and reality took charge... work, wife, kids, school, etc.
After a 37 year absence, I started racing again last winter.
Alot has changed since the old days of wood wheels and powder or woods and Bostick... equipment, distances, number of skaters.
One other thing that's changed... I'm no where near the racer I once was (but I'm still every bit the competitor; i L-O-V-E this sport!).
Albuquerque Nationals 2013... YEA !!!
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Old March 12th, 2013, 07:52 PM   #32
Evn my Redbloodcells roll
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Default Hi Anji and Low!

Hi Anji!! (and hi there Low-boots!! See you at the April 28th meet?? Can't wait to show you Brandon's new skates if I have them done!!)

Hey Anji, what Lowboots said was right. There are some teams and leagues around Ohio, and to be honest, you don't have to be 'affiliated' with a team for every meet. Tri-State league only holds 'scrimmages', they aren't sanctioned meets. It is strictly for beginners or for those wanting to work their way back into skating and need the extra practice. It's a great way to meet other skaters too. Very informal and fun! The other two leagues are also awesome, and we have some really nice skaters in Ohio that love meeting new people. You just have to know where to find the right info. I try to make sure I keep links to all the areas leagues on my website (www.portageskates.info) and I try (TRY!!!) to keep my event dates updated on my page too. So I hope that helps.

As far as rinks in Toledo, I know there are quite a few relatively close to you, but unfortunately I don't have personal contacts in those areas. I put a feeler out on facebook to see who might know the people at those rinks and see if they could fill me in on any speed skating going on up there. Right now, the rinks that I speed skate at are all about 2 hours from you. (Painesville, Garrettsville, Atwater, etc) But a lot of the rink owners I talk to have contacts at other rinks, so I'll see what info I can dig up about rinks by the lake.
WWW.PORTAGESKATES.INFO - events, info, and more!
"SKATE the WORLD" project is growing!! http://www.portageskates.info/maps-and-trails
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Old March 27th, 2013, 06:07 AM   #33
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Name: Marshall Mort
Age: 32
Skating experience: quads when i was young,8-12 then 31-current, inline skates from 11- current. Skateboarded 15-20 and snowboarded 22-current i own a longboard though it doesn't get much action.

Athletic background: baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, bad mitten, volleyball, swimming, diving, climbing things, TKD(tae kwon do), BJJ(Brazilian ju jitsu), basic gymnastics on my trampoline

I've always had good strength(not great) and been very graceful with either great stamina or just ignorant about knowing when to quit . Skating lets me use my form and precision over brute strength. Many of my friends would bet that i could bench 200+ when my body weight @ 185 is hard to get even 2 reps. BUT i can do upside down situps like a boss! Core strength FTW!

I have a daughter a wife and the best dog in the world(a german shepherd). I hadnt skated for a while and was on that road to never skate again. When my sister gave my daughter some carrera skates. I told her id be gld to teach her to skate 1.5 years ago, now shes a beast and im looking to buy inline speed gear.

I just recently competed in a speed meet in Michigan on my rec skates. I had a great time and met lots of honorable sportsmen/women. Managed 4th place for my first time.
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Old April 27th, 2013, 03:42 AM   #34
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Smile Hi y'all

My name is Jim, I am 53 years old, married, and live in Spring, Texas.
I started skating for fitness and then discovered inline speed skating back in the early 90's. Also love mountain biking and photography. See you at the races
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Old May 30th, 2013, 03:13 AM   #35
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Hello, name is Tom from So Cal, been skating on and off for 15 years. All of a sudden, i am back at it trying to learn speed skating. I had a pair of RB Lightening 05s (82mm wheels) until the boot tore open recently from the pressure of practicing toe rolls. So now I am wearing the RB Tempest 2013 with 90mm wheels. My level is probably strong intermediate as I write this.

I've been skating at Moonlight Rollerway since 1999, and recently at the Rose Bowl and the Azusa bike trail on my road bike / skates.

I have seen the videos on how to practice for the double push, but just learning to execute the basic exercises, pretty hard stuff, at least at the moment.

In addition to speed skating I want to learn some of the things they do at the skating rink on inlines, backwards, barrel rolls, the stuff that looks really cool. I am considering 110mm skates but only after mastering the t stop, and maybe some hockey skates with rocker configuration for the rink.

I am not a natural skater, so it takes me a long time to learn new things, which means I end up getting lots of exercise.
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Old June 1st, 2013, 07:33 PM   #36
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Long time lurker, first time poster:
my name is Peirce, I'm 42 and I currently live in Los Angeles. I was born and raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. I got a pair of plastic in-line skates from Sport Mart in 1987 and started skating on the tennis courts at night. Ten years later I got a pair of K2 Ascents and started skating up and down the lakefront in Chicago. 2005 I got a pair of Salomon Pro pilot 9 hi/lo 90/84/90/90.
Recently moved to L.A. and discovered the river bike path by Griffith Park.
Averaging around 15mph on my pilots and wanting to go faster, I bought a pair of 2012 Bont Z's with 110 mm wheels about 5 weeks ago.
Now I'm discovering so many new things bout my feet! My accessory navicular bones are killing me!
Now I neglect my children as I obsess about heat molding my boots, constantly heating different areas with a heat gun, looking for different objects to push out areas to try and find some relief.
The fitness 90mm to the 110mm /speed boot was quite optimistic I am now discovering. (100mm wheels are on order). I thought I could work through the pain but I don 't want to end up really messing up my feet.

All my friends are turning 40 and running marathons but I can't stand jogging. I really love this sport and enjoy the work out and the SPEED!
My goal is to finish the Napa or Chicago marathon this year.
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Old June 2nd, 2013, 12:59 PM   #37
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My name is Soma and I live in Hungary. 'Till now, as I'm 15, I've been skating on both icew & inline for more than 10 yrs. I now have a Vi RS boot /w Vi pro Carbon frame and 2013 G13 wheels.

Ps.: I'd love to buy a Vi Pro Carbon boot

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Old June 4th, 2013, 10:19 AM   #38
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I'm Alex, from Portugal

I've started skating very young, arround 4/5 years old, and start racing when i was 6, on good old quads , raced for many years, done lots of national and some european championships, and in my early 20's i stoped completly... Now, with 34 years old i restarting, and everything is a lot different, skates now have tractor sise wheels!! my last ones, a mogema frame, had 5x80mm wheels! damn i getting old
Now i want to star racing some marathon and some races in masters, i'm waiting for my new Bont Jet skates (110 3PF 7050), and next week i'll participate in a 20km race with one week trainning after more than 10 years break! i'ts gonna be painfull
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Old June 4th, 2013, 11:18 AM   #39
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Originally Posted by Venturinha View Post

I'm Alex, from Portugal

I've started skating very young, arround 4/5 years old, and start racing when i was 6, on good old quads , raced for many years, done lots of national and some european championships, and in my early 20's i stoped completly... Now, with 34 years old i restarting, and everything is a lot different, skates now have tractor sise wheels!! my last ones, a mogema frame, had 5x80mm wheels! damn i getting old
Now i want to star racing some marathon and some races in masters, i'm waiting for my new Bont Jet skates (110 3PF 7050), and next week i'll participate in a 20km race with one week trainning after more than 10 years break! i'ts gonna be painfull

Hola, Alejandro,

If you have time, money and power... try our P2P marathon. At plain distance from Portugal, in the Pyrenees.

Look at www.pamplonapuente.org

P2P speed skate marathon
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Old June 4th, 2013, 03:53 PM   #40
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Hello. My name is William, but if you were in the Buckeye Speed League in the 90s you might have known me as Billy.

I started speed skating sometime around 1993 when I was in kindergarten. My parents took me to the rink. When I fell down, they assumed the trip was over, but I got right back up. Just then, an announcement came on for the speed team. They figured that I seemed to enjoy myself enough to take some pain, so they might as well sign me up.

As far as teams go, I skated for C&N, Cincy Speed, On the Edge, Buckeye on the Edge, Fairborn Flyers, Newark Speed, and the Eliminators by the time I got a job as a senior in high school and quit. During that time, I had some national success on quads.

I kind of forgot about the sport during undergrad and my first year of grad school. However, at some point the urge just became too much to ignore. The closest team to Purdue, where I am pursuing my PhD in computer science, is about an hour away in Danville, IL, so I joined. After two years of just practicing I started competing again this season. I immediately started dominating the Classic Men's points. That may have more to do with the lack of other people than my great speed, but I have been getting better and hope to be competitive at Nationals this year.
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