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Old February 15th, 2018, 03:07 AM   #21
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Join Date: Feb 2018
Location: Victoria B.C. Canada
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I currently reside in Victoria B.C. Canada, and have been an avid Skater all my life, Since the age of Four, My Styles include Downhill Speed, Street and Freestyle, along with Figure and Ice/Roller hockey. Through the early eighties to mid nineties, I then became involved in one of the local Roller Derby teams here, The Fantastic Four of which I later made Captain, of which we are still undefeated. One of two Skating names i was labeled as and still go by is, Knight-RaveN, since I do most of my Street Skating way past midnight.
I currently own two pairs of skates the first are set and rigged for downhill using

Riedell 320 series bootes
Sure-Grip Super X plates
Penny 3 inch trucks
Sure-Grip cushions Purple 85a
Sims Street Snakes Green 80a
Swiss ceramic bearings
jump bars 5/16 bell toe stops
and ZeroNuts

Second pair: Freestyle and Dancing
Dominion 88 Boots
Sure-Grip Avenger DA45 Plates Black
Sure-grip cushions Purple 85a
Atom Pulse wheels Black Blue and Purple 78a
Swiss ceramic bearings
Bionic Stoppers 5/8

My Grandfather used to dance on Roller Skates back in the 50s here at the local roller rink, for he was and still is my inspiration, God rest his Soul. I will never stop and Love the sport in all of its admiration.

I am currently forming a dance freestyle street team here locally right now, comprised of the members that we once skated with at the local rinks here in the 70s and 80s. Our FaceBook address is as follows:

and we currently practice at the Eagle ridge center
along with ripping up the local hills and roadways after midnight

For if it's paved, I'll hit it hard and Fast, with No Fear. My current top speed Downhill, at is stands so far is 98mph. I will break 100mph soon enough lol

My Grandfather in the 50s at the rink on Douglas Street in Victoria

MySelf aka Knight-RaveN

Finally: My skate Setups
Freestyle and Dance:


Time Is the Fire in Which all of us Burn.
And so you shall when Challenging Us.
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Old February 15th, 2018, 08:52 PM   #22
Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming USA
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Default Welcome

A big welcome to you.

I used to live in Nanaimo as a kid so it's nice to have someone from that general area of the world here on this forum.
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Old March 27th, 2018, 01:15 AM   #23
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Location: Central Wisc
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Default new to the forums and members in Wisc

Hello All, I have been lurking for some time now and just got posting privileges. So I am Bob I am 60yrs young, I skated as a teen on 2 different speed teems and then for some reason like a lot of us life got in the way in my 20s. skip ahead to 2001 and I moved and took skating up again finding a local rink 30 miles away. I had always skated quads but picked up a used pair of inlines for a local state park. Jump ahead another 5 years when I met my now 2nd wife and surprised her with a date night of skating lo and behold she had takin her kids before so new what to expect. jump ahead again to a year ago when we took it up again in earnest and I convinced her she needed her own skates and mine had either shrunk or my feet grew so we picked up some Riedell angels to get going. I have since cannibalized my old skates and replaced the nylon plates with my old sure grip super x and my old powell bones wheels. We skate every fri night and have also traveled to other rinks in the state. ok enough for now will post more later along with pics I hope
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Old June 18th, 2019, 04:01 AM   #24
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Smile First Post

I started skating in about 1948, in Ohio. It was everything to me then and has come back strongly now. I bought a pair of Cleveland Sabre 400 skates in about 1950, and I still skate on them today. I went off to work in about 1960, college, world travel, etc. I ended up in Texas in 2003. Then in 2010 or so, I dug out the old skates. The boots were rotten and cracked, so I bought a new pair of high top boots out of Canada. I started to skate at the Rollercade, in San Antonio, Texas, and my life was refreshed. It has been great, but you can imagine 68-year-old bearings, bushings, wheels, etc. So I am looking at replacing some of those parts. The rubber bushings are the most obvious things to need replacing. The wheels grip better than other folks skates at the rink. I love the Sabre 400 plates. But those cushions are apparently not available on the standard market. If anyone has info on where I could find cushions for Cleveland Sabre 400 skates, I would be very appreciative.
Meanwhile, I will try to get together a photo of my skates, me, and my underpants.
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