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K2 VO2 100 Speedlace - love the color, a bit taller 1 100.00%
K2 VO2 90 Speedlace - cheapest, white won't stay 0 0%
K2 VO2 100 BOA - flourescent green, a bit taller 0 0%
K2 VO2 90 BOA - highest cost, neutral color 0 0%
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Old January 14th, 2015, 10:18 PM   #1
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Default K2 V02 90 or 100, Speedlaces or BOA, sizes?

I'm back from a few year haitus of streetskating. I used to do 10 miles at a time, a few times a week. I don't do tricks or anything, I just want to go skating and keep going...

Anyway - my old skates are really old - and there aren't any K2 dealers in the 100 mile radius. I skated Rollerblades in the 80's, and then switched to K2's when they came out with the soft boots and half sizes (yeah - a 98 Kinetic and a 99 Flight). I run 72's (wheels) for maneuvering on the Flight, and 80's on the Kinetic for more speed. I'm looking to upgrade my speed skates. I used some 5 wheel speed skates many years ago - so I know about the extra strength to kick - but I don't know how big I should go.

I like the specs of the K2 VO2 90 BOA. The ventilation will help with my sweaty feet, the 90 doesn't seem like too much of a jump, and the BOA system seems like it would help me with the feel/fit of my odd feet. The thing is though - I can get a new 2014 without the BOA, or a VO2 100 (with or without BOA) for a lot less than I can get the VO2 90 BOA. I need my skates snug because I don't have good use of all of my toes - so can the BOA help me that much? Is there that much of a difference between the 90 and the hilo 100? I can get the VO2 100 BOA really cheap - I just don't know if the 100 is going to be that much harder for me with my feet - and I'm not into the bright green. I love the colors of the VO2 100 Speedlace version - and I've only ever had regular laces - so I think the speedlaces may seem like a godsend, and the VO2 90 Speedlace is the cheapest, the size wheels I was wanting - but I'm afraid the white parts will do like my white tennis shoes and quickly get stained and look like they are growing a culture or something.

I'm kind of leaning towards the VO2 100 Speedlace version.

Any comments would be appreciated (well, any comments about which you think I should get or avoid would be appreciated...). Thanks
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Old January 16th, 2015, 06:55 PM   #2
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I have no experience with BOA but can comment on going up wheel sizes and what you can expect moving up to a bigger wheel, and why that may be a better consideration.

I jumped onto K2 Radical 90s after not skating for a long time without any trouble. Previously, I was on street skates with 56mm wheels. When I switched to speed skating, I went from 90s to 110s. The biggest difference in wheel size is a lack of stability, particularly in the ankle. I noticed that with the big jump from 90 to 110, but going from a high-cut to low-cut boots also magnified that problem. I don't have a problem jumping down or around now, especially not in higher cut boots. With higher cut boots, the stability problems are pretty well tempered by the added stability of the boot. I do not think going from 90 to 100 mm wheels with a higher cut boot will be too much of a problem. There will be a learning curve, but it shouldn't take long to make the transition if you already skate.

As for the jump you are looking at, 80 to 100s is a big jump, but again, with a higher cut boot, I don't think instability will be a big problem.

The issue with wheel size right now is the relative unavailability in certain sizes, specifically 84 and 90 mm. I would favor a fitness oriented boot now with 100s just because there aren't a lot of 90mm wheels available, and because most of the wheels that are available aren't very good. You will have better options for wheels with 100s.

As far as BOA, seems like a gimmick, but I can't comment specifically as I have never used them.
2012 Bont Z, 3PF 7050, ILQ9 Pro, Matter G13 110mm F1
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