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Old November 29th, 2016, 09:55 PM   #1
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Default Tried my new Powerslide Kaze Tundra SUV skates today...

Sorry if this is difficult to read, I am horrible at the english language.

I had ordered the Powerslide Kaze SUV offroad skates with the 150mm wheels because I figured it would have more offroad capabilities than the Metropolis SUV we have seen for years now. I just got the skates today and had the worst new skate day ever.

First I will start off with the boot fit itself...
This is probably the closest thing to a perfect fit I have ever found in a skate. I think my Sebas are more snug, but I bought them undersized and skated in horrible pain for a month to get a good slalom fit. I have long narrow feet and even with going a size up from what the sizing chart suggested, it seems the Kaze boot is almost like it was molded to my foot. There is only one problem, the boot has a large seem where several leathery parts are sewn together, RIGHT ON THE INSIDE ANKLE BONE! What were they thinking?? I have never had such a good fit but been in so much pain from a boot. it feels like it is stabbing me to the bone. Its not plastic there so I am not sure how I can modify it to fix it. Any suggestions there are welcome.

As for the frame, the trinity mount is pretty cool. The bolt holding the frame in the back is where you would expect and instead a bolt up front, there are two bolts offset both laterally and horizontally. They mount where the balls of the feet are. This is an awesome idea to me especially if you are going to have a bigger frame with tall wheels because the pressure put on the frame using edges causes a bending load, so having the bolts to the side instead of right in the middle will better negate that side load and keep your frame very very solid.

There is also a problem with this frame on these skates though, I usually have the back of the frame centered and the front slightly pointed in to help my feet not pronate in, somehow even with the frames as far to the outside as possible, my feet still want to fall to the outside. I am usually just the opposite and the frames just cannot be adjusted anywhere near far enough to the outside. It makes a very hard to control skate. With such a gimmick skate we should have an incredible amount of adjustability to make such a crazy setup work. It seems so one sided on where those wheels can be adjusted and its very dissapointing.

Now the part that broke my heart... The test roll....

I have a flat fire road trail near my home that goes for a mile and leads to dirt trail. I was going to make this a regular route in these skates. I started my way in that direction taking the horrible pain in my ankles but with a smile on my face to get to try these skates. Skating on concrete is slow. These wheels are wide and rubbery. They dont turn easily either, you must lift a foot up and put it down in the direction you want to change to. I completely expected these things. It was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. But when I got to the fireroad, damn these skates.

The Powerslide Kaze Tundra SUV has big baller 150mm wheels. It should be able to roll through pea gravel I would think. I could hardly get anywhere though. They just get caught up on any gravel that does not look like it was shaved flat with a zamboni machine. I tried to skate in the grass next to the fireroad and I would suddenly stop at any divot or larger tuft of grass, just like how I was in the gravel. I went a quarter mile down the fireroad trying to pick the path of least resistance but found that most of my journey was spent with me walking in a pair of all terrain skates on a very tame gravel road. I tried using the poles and just striding along, but found that the outcome was exactly the same.

I had to turn back because I had no shoes to walk the road to get to the dirt path and my ankle bones were screaming. I was almost in tears from the pain too, like torture. I just wanted it to work so bad. In my mind clouding frustration I stuck one of the poles into the ground too close to my left skate and ended up rolling over the tip and destroying it. I will probably just get old ski poles from craigslist to replace them. The Powerslide poles are light but wayyy too expensive.

I am sure that these skates roll fine on tame dirt trail, but I really expect so much more out of them. I really dont think they have much more advantage offroad than larger diameter polyurethane wheels. We have 3d printers and self teaching AI in this day and age, surely we can skate across pea gravel?

That is my first review of these skates. I will update next time I use them and if I find any fixes to my many problems. I am very open to advice from anyone that has ever had a similar experience with offroad skates or the ankle problem in general.
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Old December 1st, 2016, 08:21 AM   #2
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I have a pair of Rollerblade coyotes. The wheels are 6 inch tires, which is 152mm or so. They haev a more narrow wheel it seems than the wheels equiped on your skates.

I found these old buggers incredibly heavy, and even on smooth roads the air filed tires consumed ALOT of energy.

You can try to increase the pressure to the maximum amount(presuming they are air filled tires) which should help alot, but dont expect great things. rubber rebound % is around 50-60, urethane is in the 80-90% range.

The problem I had with even checking the air pressure on my wheels in those skates was one check and you pretty much lose 5 or 10 lbs of pressure. you almost need an air compressor and have it set at say 75 lbs and fill up the tires that way because filing them any other way will probably result in poor control.

bicycle pumps? just dont.... lol you need a good air nozzle for a compressed air line, with the ability to just set the pressure and never have to check it with a tire gauge.

Looking up those skates you got, they appear to be a lot lighter than the ones I have. I'll have to weigh mine sometime.

As for the comfort issue by your ankle, make a phone call or 2 and see if that's been an issue before, sometimes parts just don't get cut right, and the seams end up really sh!tty. You can take something and rub the crap out of the area, or a baseball or softball and strap it into the boot if it manages to push heavily on the area you experiencing issues with.

Most of the time with these kind of skates their real use is for a downhill grade, as actually skating in the SOB's is a real exhausting workout. Truthfully I'll rather skate my rec inlines with 72-80mm wheels than my coyote skates any day, unless it was exclusively downhill, and even then , the clumsyness factor is almost a no go for trails where I live, because you either need to be pulled, need fast footwork-which is near impossible in my skates-
Home rink: Roll-A-Rama in Huntington Wv.
"Focus on form and speed is a byproduct, focus on speed and falling is a byproduct." - Matguy
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kaze, offroad, powerslide, suv, tundra

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