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Speed Skating Forum Most of the discussions in this forum will be about inline speed skating but discussions about ice speed skating and quad roller speed skating are also welcome.

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Default Matter 125 F1's and related 125mm stuff

I thought a thread about the matter wheels specifically might be helpful.

I got the deal from Great Lakes - the PS TripleX 125, and the one-20-five wheels. I ordered the F2's, but didn't realize I got F1's shipped to me until later.

[The hardness goes from F0 (hardest) to F2 (softest)]

The F1's are, IMO, *REALLY* hard. I've skated the Bont 87A Mayhems in 110 and these [the F1-125's] are, IMO, substantially harder than those. In fact, I'd put these in about the same range as the old Bont 87A Pinks - which were/are nearly like skating on wooden wheels. They're not as dead as pinks, as there's clearly more rebound - but they're just way, way harder than I expected.

They are very skittish for me, and kind of "ping" off everything bumpy. The grip isn't great either - unless it's very, very smooth.

I'd seen somewhere that someone [a vendor] rated the F1 as around 86A, and I certainly don't think that's a realistic estimate. [WAAAAY OFF!]

I wasn't entirely thrilled about the 87 Mayhems I had, but they were certainly livable, if not very comfy for me. I'd probably get better time/speed on the 85's - but I'm not opposed to the 87's.

But the F1's...? I'm really not sure they're live-able for me.

Unless you REALLY like hard wheels and are ready for something that hard, I think the F1's are pretty out there. In my world there's almost nowhere I skate that's smooth enough to really tolerate F1's. [Marine Drive or PIR, in Portland, are the only places I can imagine using them comfortably. And those are really very smooth surfaces.]

As far as the higher frame and wheels - that's a crap shoot and it's hard to give a lot of feedback on.

I'll note that in early Dec, I had a comminuted spiral/butterfly mid-shaft compound fracture of the Tibia+fibula [but not while skating.] I'm now sporting an 8mm intramedullary nail and four screws. So, skating isn't like I left it last fall.

But I have been out on my 4x110 setup in the last month and while I was slow and it wasn't pain-free - it wasn't all that different than before the fracture.

So the changes for 3x125 don't seem quite as minimal as I might wish. It's not a huge jump, but it's not trivial for me either. [Again, how much the fracture plays into this is a matter of speculation.] The really hard wheels don't help either - as that telegraphs into more impact, vibration and that produces more discomfort - and makes the new setup seem less stable and "friendly."

I don't have a ton of miles on yet, probably around 30-40 or so - but I'd tend to say that - with softer wheels and a little more time, I'd be fairly comfortable on them. Right now I still suck speed-wise compared to when I'm in decent form and shape - but I do think I'm somewhat faster on the 3x125 - but that could simply be wishing...

Finally, the dreaded topic. If you hate heel brakes, and don't want to read about them, stop here:

I got the PS heel brake too for the 3x125 setup.
It's not any worse than 4x110 in terms of use. Really no better and no worse.
Again, the PS brake pads are total trash - at least if you expect to get many miles off of them. However, the pad area, angle and size is unchanged from their 110mm brake - so whatever pads you chopped up to work with the 110 setup will also work on the 125. [I use K2 pads with some modest modifications. They last many times longer, perhaps more than an order of magnitude longer. The downside is, they probably are harder and don't brake quite as well.]

So, the verdict is: if you could use a heel brake with 100 or 110mm, then I don't think there's much to worry about if you want to move to 125mm.

Given the cost of wheels and how much braking I do, the heel brake makes even more sense than before on 110mm.

[And if you're a heel brake hater and you're still reading; Yes it's a cludgy solution. It's a *terrible solution,* except compared to every other braking solution in general use that I've seen, including the T-Stop etc. And 125mm doesn't change that. ]

Bont Z 2pt / 4x110
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