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Street Skater
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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
You may be missing the political angle. Now Trump knows Kanye. Has for some time. Kanye made noise about supporting Trump a while back, there was some MSM backlash, then it went quiet. Now Trump sees Kanye a few weeks before the elections. MSM is scared spitless that Kanye will sway black voters away Democrats. So they went all out attacking Kanye. Trump put the Dems and MSM in a tight spot. If they don't condemn strongly, they may lose voters. If they condemn too strongly, they will lose voters. It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.
MSM, mainstream media, which doesn't include Brietbart or the Fox entertainment channels.
Kanye has no credibility, and it's amusing to watch Hannity declare that the world will follow Kayne in whatever endeavors he partakes, Kanye is off the reservation, not playing with a full deck, no Democrats would follow Kanye into crazy-land, MSM cares less what Trump and or Kayne think, Trump lies, always.
Kayne is crazy, always, they are birds of a feather.

Just yesterday, while on live TV, Trump declared that his uncle, a scientific leader, at MIT for fourth years, whom Trump admittedly never talked with about man made global warming, gave Trump the ability to understand science, so obviously, Trump knows that man made global warming is a hoax, because in his own words, he is a genius, so naturally, because his uncle was in the scientific world, he, Donald Trump is also a scientific genius, it's sad, it's funny, that reality in this administration.

Get ready for the Blue Tsunami.
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..., therefore, I skate.
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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Let's look at the facts and ignore Brietbart, which ignores facts.

Patriot Prayer members fought black clad members of Antifa on Southwest Washington Street, reported the Oregonian, using batons, bear spray and fists to attack each other before being dispersed by police in riot gear using pepper balls.

So, black clad anti nazi's stood up for the US which is being challenged by a group of pro Nazi extremist, and the police stepped in and broke up the physical argument, unlike your statement that the police don't control the streets, it seems they did and do, Democrats don't control the streets of Portland if Nazi are free to cause disruption and chaos, but the cities that are wealthy and educated ;ie Democratic cities are well run and respectful of citizens rights, education and the environment, the problem is Nazi and killing, running over American citizens.
Not to mention the Nazi loving president.
You've spewed a vitriolic opinion.

Brietbart, who's that?

I listened to an interview with the mayor. The mayor who has the Portland cops on a leash. The mayor who let ANTIFA, (your friends), attack a 74 year old man who was merely trying to drive through town.

They caused thousands of damage to the car of a tourist in down town Portland.

The following Saturday, Patriots were attacked by your friends, and merely engaged in self defense. Something you'd better know if you plan on joining your black masked buddies attacking Americans.

Portland mayor stands by decision to allow antifa to block traffic, hassle motorists.
By Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times - Sunday, October 14, 2018

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler came under fire over a viral video showing antifa protesters blocking traffic and harassing drivers, but he says he supports the decision by police to watch from a distance without getting involved.

“I was appalled by what I saw in the video, but I support the Portland Police Bureau’s decision not to intervene,” he said at a press conference. “This whole incident will be investigated.”

The video posted by journalist Andy C. Ngo showed protesters, including members of antifa and Black Lives Matter, blocking an intersection and attempting to direct traffic at while officers on motorcycle watched from a block away.

At one point, the activists chased down 74-year-old Kent Houser after he made a right turn against their wishes, pounding on his silver Lexus and breaking a window. The car sustained thousands of dollars in damage, he told the Oregonian.
Riedell 336, Roll-Line Mistral, Roll-Line Panthers. Swiss Labyrinth II .
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Street Skater
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: NH
Posts: 2,853

What about Patrick Kimmons the 27 year old father of three killed by the police, causing the "sane" community to rise in anger, no mention of the the cause, just a view of the effect, no mention of the police firing "flash bangs" into the crowd composed of BLM members, protesting police violence, just a vauge description of the aggressiveness of the oh so polite boys in khak's (proud boys) carrying tiki torches, and a link to a Washington DC biased newspaper, right.

Luckily, facts can be checked, still, this administration, try as it has, has yet to turn the US into Russia, BTW, with help from every Breitbart and Fox Entertainment channel watching moron.
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