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Artistic Skating Forum Discussions about any topic related to artistic roller skating including quad artistic skating, inline figure skating, pairs, dance, synchronized skating, and show skating.

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Old May 13th, 2017, 04:24 PM   #21
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Default Newer year skate

Graysk8er, Your skates are Douglass Snyder skates. I have done some research as much as I can and found the following. Original Snyder Imperials did not use a jump bar. When it became Douglass Snyder ( which yours are ) they started puting jump bars on. Also, the Riedell boots don't have thread showing on the bottom of my boots. I am curious to know how many of the broken kingpins were on the original Snyder Imperial's? As for what I've seen, skates with jump bars are not the original Snyder skate. I'm thinking that skates made by Douglass Synder is when the kingpin breaking started. Wonder if anyone has that info. The toe stops you and I both have were designed for jumping. The let you fine adjust your own for the kind of jumping you were do. As with ice skates, when jumping you get your lift by using your toe stop. If you get a chance google ' rollerskating championship" and watch what this guy does with double and triple jumps. Snyder emailed me and thinks I'm missing the jump bar. Thats telling me that because the company has changed hands, there isn't anyone there that knows the original setup. I don't care if it's done by measurement, torque or what ever. There has to be a starting point they use in production. They don't just send skates out with the trucks flopping. More then likely they were set stiff. I remember mine were stiff, but they broke in and I never took a wrench to them once except to change wheels. It kinda like your wheel setup. Are they wider than a standard wheel? Later Jim
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Default Each person is unique

Originally Posted by Silverado View Post
the Riedell boots don't have thread showing on the bottom of my boots... Snyder emailed me and thinks I'm missing the jump bar. Thats telling me that because the company has changed hands, there isn't anyone there that knows the original setup... your wheel setup. Are they wider than a standard wheel?
You are correct about the threads showing on the boots. Mine are Riedell low cut boots used for racing and derby. The artistic boots are finished off more like a fine pair of custom shoes and stitches are covered by the sole.

I doubt if Sure-Grip has staff remaining that worked on the very old Snyder equipment(they probably retired or passed). But that being said, they have all the patients(read as designs and part break outs) and expertise with the limitations of the design. I personally would not skate a Snyder without the jump bar. I am heavy and would put too much strain on the king pins. If you are a light weight, no problem.

Yes, the wheels on my skates as shown are wider than a dance(artistic) wheel. Mine are 37.5 mm wide. Not as wide as the standard racing wheels, but wider than artistic wheels. My wheels were designed with roller derby use in mind. But I love them because my skate style includes sharp turning and occasional fast skating.

When I came back to skating I found there are many products available that didn't exist back when I was skating a lot. I started to embrace change with wheel selection(Radar Devil Ray, Bones Turbo, Faster wide, Faster narrow, and now I have ordered Narrow Phantoms from Scott Corey). With DocSk8's encouragement about Sure-Grip Super cushions, I replaced all my rubber Snyder cushions with Super cushions(as seen in the pictures). I had always skated artistic boots, but my old feet just could not find a pair of artistic boots that didn't cause pain. Until my son gave me a pair of low cut Riedel race boots, I didn't think I could balance properly or get adequate ankle support from low cut boots. But, my feet were much happier in the low to go position.

The Forum resident expert on skates and associated equipment is DocSk8. He can give a much more informed opinion and knows a lot of history concerning skating. There are also several others in the Forum with vast knowledge that are willing to share what they know. Start with DocSk8.


Since every skater is unique(abilities, limitations, experience, preferences), you are the expert as to what works for you. But listen to the good advice offered on the Forum and make informed decisions. It will help you find that sweet spot of skating and make it a most enjoyable experience that you will continue to look forward to -

Keep rollin
595 redline/Snyder Royal/Bont micro/Scott's Narrow Phantom 96a
595 boots/Snyder Imperial/Bont micro/Scott's Narrow Phantom 98a
I brake 4 kids!
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