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Old June 24th, 2014, 04:30 PM   #21
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: Eastern WV
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i have a 2014 Freestyle pair and like them a lot
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Old June 24th, 2014, 08:36 PM   #22
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I test drove them, and as much as I very much like a lot of PS products, I found these bulky, and did not like the lack of lateral adjustment - the frame alignment felt they were going 2 different directions on me. coming from speedksates and freestyle skates, the doop seems more akin to the type of skating that involves putzing around the beach, the park, or the rink (saving people from the experience of using skates others have stuck their foot into) skating at low speed, lower distances, and not really geared towards high performance skating. also, the design is not new, it's been re-introduced a multitude of times over the span of inline skate history, time and again, but today edgy, and sexy pictures sell product, and that is how doop is marketed. shoes do and will make all the difference in fit & feel. street shoes are not designed to skate in, that is the first issue with trying to combine street shoes and skates. I am sure any/all of us can attest to the fact we simply do not wear our shoes as snug as we do our skates. one must assure shoes/feet are not sliding around, otherwise you will be contending with hot spots, or worse blistering, from shoe/foot movement. As it was my shoes (despite my trying different combo's of things) and feet moved despite how much I cranked and adjusted things. The convenience on/off: tinkering with the adjustments took me far longer to get settled into the skate than to get in/out of my freestyle skates, including changing out socks & shoes. there were no records broken getting out of these either. the skating: they rode okay, but the stride tends to go wider do to the bulkiness of the skate, and they feel heavy. And, again, being unable to adjust the frames laterally, I limited distance as I did not want to force myself into any unnatural positions while skating, and cause undue anatomical stress on knees/joints. By comparison, I am much more agile and have far more maneuverability on my freestyle skates, or any other skate I own (speed, fitness, quad, rec). I did talk with the makers re: the lateral frame adjustment because I felt that would really hold the skate back in the market, particularly from those of us who demand more from our gear, in respect to necessary adjustments for optimal performance. If you get chance to take them for a spin, do so, then give us your review. roll on.
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Old June 30th, 2014, 06:21 AM   #23
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The performance of doop skates may be less than normal hard shell boots. I think it's somekind of trade off between versatility and performance. I use the same shoes with my doop skates and the adjustment is done several times finding the best but then getting on/off with shoes on is quite fast. The biggest point for this skates is I don't have to carry extra shoes means a bag is not necessary.

I have added buckle for easier carrying system.

It may looks funny like rat tail but makes them highly transportable sans bag.

I never had chance skating more than 5 km with my doop, but I believe it's a comfortable 5 km. My shoes are simple DC shoes that I don't really need to fasten the lace as the tightness is already OK. I'm still a beginner and hope will get accustomed with my skates. I'm not really fast yet as my braking skill is inadequate for higher speed dealing with traffic dynamics.
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Old November 10th, 2015, 10:27 PM   #24
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Thought I'd update this old thread if anyone's interested. I'm a 63 year old decades-long skater who now does his recreational skating on the Central Coast of California. I recently replaced my Rollerblade Crossfire XTs with Doop Urbans and was researching getting a second pair and came across this forum. These skates work quite well for recreational skaters (I suspect not the high end aggressive skater or competitor) with good power transmission if you take care to use the right shoes. A close-fitting shoe with thin soles works well, otherwise they'll feel sloppy and you'll blame the skate. They're ideal if you're planning on using them for transportation and don't want to carry extra footware. They're not much lighter or less bulky than conventional in-lines but can be carried with a strap, and I use a fanny/lumbar pack for the other small items. I like them enough that I'm considering getting another model (the Swift II) while I'm still able to skate, to experience the faster speed that may allow me to go longer distances (if I don't kill my old body in the process!). If I go down that road (pun intended) I'll be wearing some extra protective gear. If anyone has any experience with the Swift I'd be interested in hearing.
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