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Old October 21st, 2017, 04:15 PM   #1
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Default Slightly adjusting skate size for smaller foot?

Hi everyone!

I moved to a city with a fantastic urban and trail skating group, and I figured it was time to make the switch from quads to inlines. I was having trouble, especially getting over tactile paving, which was holding up the group.

Based on my budget, I bought some FILA Houdinis (Women) in a Euro 38; my normal shoe size is a 38/39 and my feet are about 23.5cm long. I checked all the FILA sizing charts, and this seemed to be the right size on length - I had also tried on someone else's size 38 FILA, but in a different model. The length does seem to be right, as when I remove the inner boots and just put my feet in them, my toes go right to the ends. If there had been a 37.5 option, I may have gone with that, but my left foot is bigger than my right and my gut told me that a 37 would be too small for it, especially given the published info on length.

However, a problem developed in that my feet are very flat (not just flat arches, but also just not very "tall" in the sense that they are like, say, a minute-steak rather than a thick slab) and narrow. As a result, there was a lot of vertical space in the skates, and also width, especially in the toe box.

I put some innersoles in them, fairly bulky anti-pronation ones that I also have in my hiking boots. For the left foot, this has worked a charm - the arch support eats up all of that vertical space, and the toes are snug. The anti-pronation also makes my ankle even straighter, though this was not a significant issue even without it.

However, in the right foot, which is less than a half-size smaller, the toes still feel like they have too much space. I am pretty sure that this is partially psychological - as I am used to the really tight toe areas of figure ice skates and artistic inline boots. But I am curling up my toes unconsciously, and I don't realise until I get little twangs of pain.

Both skates are 100% snug at the ankle level, and I have the top buckle part even slightly looser than the tightest I can get it because I feel well-supported in the ankles. My feet do not move in them.

Is there any way I could occupy some more of the vertical/width space in the toe box to make my smaller right foot feel snugger, without it being assymmetrical? I was thinking of maybe putting in one of those sort of partial innersoles that people put under the balls of their feet in high heeled shoes?

Thanks for any advice!
"You're bending your knees too much." - my coach
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Old October 24th, 2017, 07:00 PM   #2
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Update! And great news. Despite feeling discouraged, I went skating again today and everything seemed to go a lot better. I felt more comfortable on the inlines, I went for a longer skate and I practised braking. I could feel my toes on both feet touching something which I guess is the front of the skate, but it wasn't either uncomfortably tight or loose, and my heels felt secure.

Now comfortable enough with braking that I can skate on bike trails even if I have to cross roads (though I still make sure to begin braking a long way before the crossing) - means I can skate further and also to/from my house rather than carrying my skates 3km to the outdoor rink. So I think I will progress a lot faster now!
"You're bending your knees too much." - my coach
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