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Speed Skating Forum Most of the discussions in this forum will be about inline speed skating but discussions about ice speed skating and quad roller speed skating are also welcome.

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Old December 3rd, 2016, 04:22 PM   #1
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Default wondering about status of NDSconcept's wheel development

I've been wondering if NDSconcept has made progress on getting his wheel produced in sufficient quantity for race testing.

from the 'bearing' thread I've lifted excerpts from some posts.

Originally Posted by NDSconcept View Post
Yes. You're right.
This has been patented.
Was sample production at TLTF.
See Photo.
In TLTF, it was abandoned production.
Because of royalty.
I hope the royalty issue, whatever it is, can be overcome. About being patented... this only means that some aspect of this is a new concept and that you own the concept. A patent says nothing as to whether or not a concept can be viable in a product. Also, often a patent is granted as a result of some strange/unique quirk or subtle variation on prior art... not the primary aspect being touted as 'new'. I have no idea what the NDSconcept patent claims as new/unique. I speak on this with a certain amount of first hand knowledge, having 4 patents used in my company's products.

Originally Posted by bjvircks View Post
The weight gets various performance benefits, not just more spin.
perhaps a more correct way for me to say this would have been "Various wheel performance increases are achieved that as a whole are greater than the penalty of the added weight."

Originally Posted by NDSconcept View Post
We have won the results of the test.
Wheel weight is increased.
It runs at a faster rate.
Long gliding at the one push.
There is no side effect of weight gain.
In long-distance running will require physical strength.
Marathon will be used without unreasonable.
Result no science. no Meaning.
here you say 'won the test'.... what was this test? Was it comprehensive or did it look at just one tiny aspect of wheel behavior? I've seen lots of tests conducted that gave accurate results but did not really address the issue being researched and so the results were thrown away and the tests were totally reconfigured. Our wheels must be good/great in many different aspects and if just one aspect is poor or bad the wheel will not be worthwhile.

I'm hoping that we can know how your wheel turns out.
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Old December 4th, 2016, 01:40 AM   #2
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Originally Posted by bjvircks View Post
I've been wondering if NDSconcept has made progress on getting his wheel produced in sufficient quantity for race testing.

I'm hoping that we can know how your wheel turns out.

Thank you for your interest.

We are under development.
We are looking for a urethane contractor.

If you want to test 110mm, please come to Denvil.
You can do actual driving test in indoor.
contact : jhong27@illinois.edu

Our technology is also important, but urethane is very important.
Therefore, we are continuously doing urethane test.

We sent a sample of MPC.

Combining MPC and our technology makes the wheel a very good collaboration.
However, MPC urethane technology is still the best, so MPC ignores our collaboration proposal.
Respect for MPC urethane technology.
Current MPC urethane technology does not allow other followers.
However, we are to find urethane blending conditions.
I do not know whether it will take several years, I think that we can secure urethane technology through a Chinese company within a few years.

Production of TLTF and samples broke down by the greed of Curtis.
Curtis says...
Requested that we use our technology for free.
Curtis dislikes collaboration and requested patent technology.
It is difficult to understand Curtis requested of acquiring technology development effort free of charge.

Currently Bont's AL wheel is 224g.
How can MPC solve this situation?
The solution is impossible.
It may become a subcontractor of Bont.
Or they can make wheel of AL hub like Bont.
MPC choice, do they want some way?

The AL wheel is a condition that was destroyed more than 10years ago.
Consumer It is a very bad wheel for convenience.
Also, there is no maximized function, it will be a heavy wheel.

When the past Hyper Wheel became famous, Hyper failed with the weight loss of the wheel buried.
After that, MPC and matter appeared.
Please check the table below.

It is right that we have to reduce the weight of gear.
However, it may be inevitable to increase without decreasing it.

Weight reducible gear.
User's weight. boots. Mount block. frame. spacer. shield.
All gear other than driving parts.

Weight increasing gear.

Inline Bearing among our products is the world's highest level.
If you want to confirm, please contact the above e-mail address.

We have several technologies to enhance the function of the wheel and the frame.
There is no inline evolution if our idea is not realized.
please understand, English even poor.
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