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Fitness Skating and Training Forum Discussions about on-skate and off-skate training, hydration, sports nutrition, weight loss, injuries, sports medicine, and other topics related to training and physical fitness for skaters.

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Old March 20th, 2015, 09:07 PM   #41
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Default Particle Size

Originally Posted by Mamaskates View Post

Although I would add "animal products" to "processed sh1te." -Unpopular, I know.

It is true that we do need cholesterol, that is why our bodies make it. Our livers produce all the cholesterol we will ever need, making it non-essential. -We don't need to eat any cholesterol, ever.

In bypass surgery, the solid, white plaque (Atherosclerosis) that they pull out of arteries always comes back from the lab as "Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. -People who don't eat it don't have it built up in their arteries.

If you look around the world, the countries with the lowest rates of life-threatening disease (specifically heart disease, diabetes and cancer) are also the ones that consume the least amount of animal products. -This is no coincidence. A plant-based, low-fat diet will keep you away from the Dr. and off of meds better than any other.
When it comes to cholesterol in the arteries, it is all about particle size. There are large medium and small and yes the small ones are the problem. Any one can get their cholesterol particle size checked with a simple blood test. If you are prone to small particles you would be wise to watch your intake of cholesterol. Otherwise eat in moderation and all is good (usually).
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Old March 21st, 2015, 06:31 PM   #42
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I'm totally on the same page as streamline when it comes to this. "Total Cholesterol" as a biomarker for health and coronary heart disease risk is completely over-rated.. it's actually worse than useless, it's harmful when it is then politicized and "low-cholesterol" is actively promoted by policymakers, as we now see en-masse with statins and low-fat frankenfoods. I personally eat a LCHF diet and completely avoid all sugars and grains, and also all seed oils.

Too much to explain really, but if you believe fat is fattening, or that high cholesterol is bad for you, I beseech you to watch these videos:

Heart Of The Matter Pt1 - Dietary Villains

Heart Of The Matter Pt2 - Cholesterol Drug war (Statins)

Jonny Bowden "The Cholesterol Myth"

Ivor Cummins "The Cholesterol Connundrum"
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