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Outdoor Trails Tell us about your favorite outdoor skating trails.

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Old November 10th, 2010, 02:16 AM   #1
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Default Day and night skating in Ogden Utah

Iíve found my own private distance skating track here in Ogden, Utah. For the past two years Iíve been skating on parkways in Ogden, Salt Lake and the Legacy parkway. These are nice courses of 23 to 25 miles out and back but between kids, dogs and crowds I began looking for a somewhat secluded wide open distance course with very little traffic and a smooth surface. Iíve found a course that seems to fit the bill. Iíve had it to myself for while but it would be nice to see a few other skaters around as well.

The BDO (Business Depot Ogden) is an updated light industrial business park on the site of an old Military supply depot. The park has been refurbished and a lot of money has gone into the infrastructure and landscaping. The park is nowhere near being built out and with the down economy the traffic that does use the roads is very light and much less then what the roads are designed to accommodate.

The course follows an exact five mile loop that circles the park. The five mile distance makes keeping track of miles and setting work out goals easy. Besides being a quiet, tree lined route the entire course is illuminated by overhead street lights. As the days have become shorter, especially on the shaded river parkways, it has been great to still be able to get in a good full skate after work. Iíve found the BDO to be a safe area for night skating. There are enough people around to feel safe and with the lights and extra wide streets I have had no problems seeing or being seen. I wear a flasher and head light just in case and have found that people give me plenty of room.

So here is a short description of the course, I couldn't figure how to add pictures to this post but I hope it sparks an interest and you come up to see what is available.

The starting point is a lighted parking lot at the south east corner of BDO, Steward Dr and west 12th street (approx 600 west).

From the parking lot head north through a tree covered canopy and the narrowest section of road (narrow is a relative term here. On this one block section there is still plenty of room for cars and skaters with out having to move over).

A slight curve leads you toward the old officers club, the local newspaper offices and fire dept. followed by a short one way divided road leading toward the first roundabout where you will head east for a block before continuing north again.

There are only three slight surface challenges. This is the first of three track crossings, but with the cement casings you are able to glide over them without having to slow down or jumping.

Once you cross the tracks youíll continue north on this wide three lane boulevard. Most of the course has a full turning lane between opposing lanes of traffic allowing plenty of room for cars and trucks to go around a skater without your having to skate on the shoulder or near the gutter.

At the end of this wide stretch turn west and cross two more tracks.
This stretch runs east to west the full width of the park. There is one intersection to cross but no stop sign to slow down your work out. At the end of this section, before exiting the park hang a left and continue south.

Heading south toward another round about you'll notice the wide three lanes and the number of overhead street lights that make it easy to skate and see and be seen at night.

At he second roundabout you'll turn east. There is very little traffic, if any, on this west side of the park. Your now again on a wide three lane section heading east toward the third roundabout .

At this third round about you turn south again along a divided three lane road with two lanes of traffic allowing plenty of room for skaters and traffic.

Before exiting the park at Depot Rd and 12th street, turn left for the final leg of the course heading back to the parking lot starting point. Back at the parking lot you'll enter from the south end and your odometer should read just about five miles. Youíre now ready to put in three or four more laps, have fun.

Ogden also has a very nice parkway that follows the Ogden and Weber rivers beginning at the mouth of Ogden canyon. The parkway is 22 miles round trip and much like the Jordan River parkway in Salt Lake but with less traffic. Either the BDO or the Ogden River Parkway are great places to skate if ever in this part of northern Utah.
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Old November 10th, 2010, 09:31 PM   #2
Bill in Houston
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Sounds great. Thanks for posting about it. Happy skating!
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Old February 7th, 2011, 08:46 PM   #3
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Default hey....I know that place!

I took some classes at a DATC remote campus at the old DDO for my degree not too many years ago, and I bet it IS good skating. Too bad it's cold and smoggy this time of year. But I bet it's great when it's not snowing..... I will have to check it out some time!

I actually live on the wasatch back, but I know where the Ogden parkway is. When I find great routes up here I'll share them with you, too. I like east canyon coming down into our little town of Henefer..... I like the frontage road from Echo going up thru Echo canyon and along Echo Reservoir, but you really have to watch for the occasional cars. I've been meaning to check out the road out of Coalville towards Upton and the back road from Peterson to Morgan.

I will post a list of best routes/ finest pavement after I explore....

Thanks for the DDO tipoff!
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