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Beginning Skaters Forum This is the place for beginning skaters to ask questions and share their stories. We would love to hear about your experiences learning to skate. No question is too dumb!

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Old April 10th, 2017, 03:44 AM   #1
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Default Sizing/Liner Help for SEBA

Hi Everyone!

I currently skate SEBA FR2 80 size EU39. I've been riding on and off starting in December last year having ton of fun. But, after couple months my skates became way too big...(my heel was lifting after push) so I ordered Balance Liner sized EU 38 (thinking that might be better). They were super tight on my feet at first. But... now after two weeks of skating (about one hour a day). My skates are starting to feel slightly loose on my feet. So I tighten my laces really well, so that it's not a problem right now.

BUT. I feel the inevitable is approaching. I know I should've done more research with sizing before getting the skates... now I'm stuck with these...I wear size 7~7.5 (women's size) depending on the shoes.

So, anyways long story short. I'm wondering if there are any liners (I don't know if seba balance liners come out smaller than 38EU, I couldn't find any) that I can put in to make my skates feel tighter on my feet. Or should I suck it up and save up money to upgrade to Trix or High with correct sizing later on.

Also, any other tips for sizing correctly in future will be appreciated since I can't actually go to a store to try them on...
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Old April 11th, 2017, 09:11 PM   #2
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You could check out the Superfeet insoles with the liner: https://usa.shop-task.com/collections/superfeet

Or, you could try a thicker sock with some Ezeefits...

Or, you could try some waxed laces which might allow you to tighten them better...

Or, you could try the Intuition liners, though I don't know if they would fill out the skate better than what you have: https://usa.shop-task.com/collections/liners-1

Or, a combination of the above.

But, it sounds like you're skates are too big. Assuming they are, even if you got something that worked decently, your performance will be capped low and it will feel sloppy and imprecise.
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Old April 15th, 2017, 11:10 AM   #3
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Just wanted to show some support.

I've had the same problems with Sebas. I measured my foot wrong and ended up with the wrong size. Three times! UGH! Plus, by the time you realize they're too big, you've already ruined them!

With Sebas...go small.
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Old May 12th, 2017, 04:32 PM   #4
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Hi whyandilee,

I'm just at the point of ordering my 1st pair of Seas...I'm a size 8.25 women's, considering a 39 in Sebas...so hearing that the liners compress so much after a bit of wear is super helpful... And hey, if you decide to sell your old ones and order a smaller size, I might be interested! Thanks for posting!
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