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Roller Dance and Session Skating Forum Discussions about roller dancing, jamskating, rexing, rink session skating, dance circle skating, and similar types of recreational indoor and outdoor skate dancing .

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Default General Skate Session Programing Suggestions

Hi All,

Here's another part of a Section of my Rink Manual. This is on Sessions Programing. Challenges and comments welcome. Harold

General Skate Session Programing Suggestions:

Begin each Skating Session with an All Skate in the Normal direction.

About 10 mins into the Session, stop the skating, give Welcome Greetings, and go over the Rink's Rules. Introduce Floor Guards, DJ and Manager. Give other announcements as useful, such as up coming events and specials.

Do the “Rink's Rules Review” again at the Session mid point. (captures the late comers) At this point, recognize all Birthday and other Anniversary folks.

Run songs in groups of 3's & 2's, 3 fast - 2 slow. This strategy encourages safety by helping to keep the overall skating speed under control.

Play only music that has a good skating rhythm, and no obscene language or negative messages. (like killing Cops, using drugs, hitting on women, etc.) Bad for Rink Image.

Music & Lighting must to be coordinated in speed, style & levels to the skating / special being done.

Do floor changes / Specials every 15 to 20 mins max. Variety is useful to break monotony, keep up interest, control/structure the crowd, and by default - the patrons get more options and activities to improve their skills and interest in skating.

During regular skating, the Floor Center Oval should be reserved for the Free-stylers (Spinners & Jumpers), Rexers, Jammers, Fancy Foot-workers, and Figures folks only. This is a safety issue, and a promotional issue, as it allows everyone to see and admire these types of skating, and allows folks to learn more skating skills. More interest, more fun, more patrons.

Change the order of programing for each session, so there are different activities for each one. Mixing it up will help keep the sessions fresh. You can have similar starts and endings for most sessions – like starting with an All Skate, and having a Moon Light Couples Skate to end each session.

If you have a floor that's large enough, you can do the Limbo, Spread Eagle, Center Dance, Cha Cha Slide, and a few other specials within the Floor Center Oval, while the other skaters continue around the outside of the Oval.

Lighting should be “High” for most skating activities. Only use “Lower” and fancy lighting for some Specials. Skaters and Floor Guards simply must to be able to see as well as possible, to skate safely.

For all competitive skate specials, give out prizes to the first three winning skaters.

At Session's end, Do the “Thank You for Skating With Us, and please come back to Skate with us”, and reminders for upcoming events and sessions Announcements.

Other Programing Options;

Adult Only Skate Sessions: Can be 18 & up, or 21 & up. Day, Evening, or Nite Sessions.

Use different music genres, like 50's/60's, 70's/80's, 90's/2000's; or by R&B, and Old School, Funk and Disco for Adult Only Themed Skate Sessions. Can also use these for Themed General Sessions.

Overnight Skate Sessions, perhaps in conjunction with Fund Raising events.

Live Band Skate Session Nites; Usually using local Bands.

Use E-Mail Subscriptions to the Rink's Web Site, with skate schedules, discounts, coupons, heads-up notices on upcoming special events, etc. You can send these out too.

Pay a flat fee, and you can skate all general sessions for a month (or a longer period).

"Adult Coffee Skate" for older retired folks in the mornings.

Mother's & Kids Skate Sessions; Usually in Mornings, Mid-day, or early Afternoons.

Mom's and Strollers Only Skate Sessions; for mom's with very young children.

Religious Groups Skate Sessions; Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Etc. May be done in conjunction with local Church Organizations.

Charity Skating Events for Local & National Charities, & other Fund Raising Events.

Options for Rink Use – When Not Being Used For Skating Sessions

The Rink can be used for lots of $$$ making and/or Community supporting activities:

Practice Sessions: for Artistic, Dance, Speed, Hockey, Derby, etc.;
Live Band Dance Nites;
Dance Classes;
Yoga Classes;
Aerobics Classes;
Martial Arts Classes;
Local Church related Events;
Self Defense Classes for Women;
Wedding Receptions;
Skating Marriages;
Birthday Parties;
School Graduation Parties;
Corporate meetings;
Corporate parties;
YMCA Boys and Girls clubs;
Boy and Girl Scouts;
Local School Skate Nites or Afternoons; and fundraisers, Singing, Cheer Leaders, Floor Hockey, and other School related groups' practice activities;

And On & On – for local Community needs.

Harold - SkaterVideoGuy
297's on Centurys, 220's on Snyder Advantage, BackSpin 95's, Bones 97's, 98's, 101A's, Skating 65+yrs & still Rollin at 73+. Great Lifetime Hobby to have !

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