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Old January 20th, 2020, 03:49 PM   #1
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Default Impeachment Kill Switch


Senate sets rules that properly allow the Presidents' lawyers to move for dismissal at any time, which, depending on timing may or may not be granted.

First of all, let's state the obvious. The Trial, as well as the Impeachment is BS. So why is it even happening? Politics. Both the Dems and the Reps are going to try and turn this Circus into a stick to beat the other party with. A means by which to smear the other party. I've said already, the proper thing to do with this bag of poop is simply dump it in the trash. But this gives the Dems the opportunity to Demonize the Republicans. So they will play along, pretending to take it seriously. The Dems will try to continue with the Circus they started, but now the Senate is in control. The Republicans will probably go to the source. Ukraine. They won't ask Ukraine about the Trump incident, but will ask instead about any perceived corruption by the US against them. This will splay the Bidens WIDE OPEN. Senate Republicans will pursue this as the Democrats sit essentially helpless. AFTER eviscerating the Bidens, they Republicans will ask directly if Trump is perceived as doing them wrong. When they answer no, Trumps' lawyers will move to dismiss and get it. As the Reps went Directly to the source, Ukraine, and then to Biden, all the Democrat "Managers" will be in no position to even get a word in edge wise.

The Republicans open with Ukraine, and corruption in general. The Democrats can only cross examine, and cross examine about the subject at hand, general corruption. If they try to direct questions about Trump, they'll be found out of order, and stopped. Or even worse, get the answer they DON'T want, Trump did no wrong. The Republicans will expose Biden, Pelosi, Romney, and Schiff. Procedurally, they may review evidence of the Democrats, which is TERRIBLE, without allowing any new testimony. But after the Dems try to get Ukraine to bad mouth Trump and fail, the Republicans can easily, and justifiably grant a dismissal of charges to Trumps' lawyers, and have destroyed the Dems politically, and the guilty personally.

Hmm. If the Republicans play their cards right, they can really destroy the Dems with this come November.
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Old January 21st, 2020, 03:07 PM   #2
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The Senate didn't set rules until last night, it seems more and more Republican Senators want to see the Evidence Trump has suppressed.

Earth2 is Trying to get Ukraine to open a false investigation into Joe Biden.

Ukraine is or has opened an investigation into Giuliani having hired people to conduct surveillance on the US Diplomat in Ukraine.

Certain Senators would like to interview Viktor Shokin on the Senate Floor, he's the Russian backed Ukrainian Prosecutor that Biden had fired, fired because he wouldn't investigate Burisma, and that happened two years before Hunter Biden worked for Bursima. The Justice department won't issue Shokin a visa, yet.

Biden did nothing, yet if Trump can open an investigation, just like Hillary in 16', Joe wouldn't get elected because Trump would have lied himself back into the White House, and we know Russia's already involved, they already, for Trump, hacked Burisma sub companies to get emails to smear Biden with, in real time, this is happening, Giuliani admits it, Trump admits it, and Earth2 plays it like it's in the Bible.

The Democrats have facts, Trump has no defense so Republicans are Earth2'ing the facts, will the American people allow Russia back into the White House or will it vote for Democracy?
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