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Roller Dance and Session Skating Forum Discussions about roller dancing, jamskating, rexing, rink session skating, dance circle skating, and similar types of recreational indoor and outdoor skate dancing .

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Old January 4th, 2007, 12:44 AM   #1
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Default new roller skating rink games

I own a small rink in a small town and I am looking for new game ideas to play besides the norm. Have you played any interesting games at different rinks? Please e-mail me at sk8er@myclearwave.net Thanks Dixie

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Old January 4th, 2007, 12:46 AM   #2
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Originally Posted by Bill View Post
Welcome Back!

Moonlight is a very nice rink. They have a real wood floor and it's one of the best floors around. Have a good time there.

I'm not a big fan of the plastic tile floors, but I guess they are good for inline roller hockey.

Bill I am looking for new games to play at our small town rink that my husband and I just rescently purchased. We play the normal ones but am looking for new interesting ones to keep the kids interested. Any help would be great. Dixie and Peter from New Hampton, Ia.
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Old January 4th, 2007, 12:54 AM   #3
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Post games options

Was wondering if anyone can help me come up with some new games to play at our small roller rink we just purchased? Would like to hear from other rinks about games played at their rinks. Want to keep things rolling and interesting. Thanks in advance for your help. sk8er
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Old January 7th, 2007, 08:54 PM   #4
Go fast, turn left
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List some of your games that you consider standard.

Here are some of the gaimes that I have done.

*4 corners. Everyone skates until the music stops. When the music stops everyone has to go to one of the corners and a group goes to the middle. One way or another a corner is eliminated (usually be rolling dice). This continues until there is only a few people left at each corner. The winners are given a free pass or a free drink.

*tag. The skat guards have large stuffed animals that they hold on to and use to tag people. Once tagged you have to leave the floor. This game can be a bit dangerous especially if the skaters will to stay on the floor out runs their skating ability.

*shot the duck. There are many varations of this game. Most commonly it is boys vs girls. Everyone skates, the floor guard blows the whislte and everone must sit. the goal is not to be the last one to sit. If a boy is the last one not to have his butt on the floor, the girls score a point. Which ever group scores the most points gets some sore of reward, usualy an all girls skate or all boys skate.

*speed skate. There was the normal speed skate for anyone to go fast, but there was a reward for any skater who could keep pace for the entire song. Everyone could be on the floor for the speed skate, but usualy there were only a few skaters that actually competed. On the slower nights, they ran the speed skate for 15 minutes to try to get one of us to drop the pace.

*rocket ball. It is sort of like dodge ball. The guards would throw out half a dozen 12" dia inflatable balls on the floor. You had to pick up a ball and tag someone out, or throw the ball as someone and get them out. Rules 1) you must skate in the regular direction. No skating against traffic. If you skate against traffic, you are out. 2) no cutting through the middle. If you cut through the middle, you are out. 3) you can only hold on to the ball for one lap. After you have the ball for one lap, you must throw it or drop it. 4) no stopping. You must be rolling at all times.
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Old January 8th, 2007, 10:55 AM   #5
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"The Usual Ones" isn't much help - since every rink has differing ideas of "the usual". Perhaps you could list your regular games as a starting point??

Some popular ones down here:

Dangerous/adult/skilled games:

Red rover. AKA British bulldog. Elimination game involving 2-3 skaters tagging the rest as they make their way from one end of the rink to the other in waves. skaters are 'safe' when they touch the far wall. variations include up-and-back trips, continuous skating.

Paper Cups. Think musical chairs on skates. places n less empty drink cups than skaters at the opposite end of the rink. skaters race and collect the cups. no cup=leave floor. Rinse and repeat until 1-2 winners are left.

Race Elimination. skate the speed line till the music stops. Last person to a corner eliminates that corner. rinse and repeat. For variation, "the last four" can race off a sprint race, or do a crab walk from their corner to the middle, or many other variations.

Skilled games:

Limbo, and it's opposite the high jump, and it's cousin the long jump.

Frisbee. as per elimination(below), but pick a boy/girl to throw a frisbee at a central point such as a witch's hat. furtherest away eliminated.

Apple carts. One skater crouches down and is pushed by another. Variations include double-cart (two skaters interlock legs, one facing backwards, one forwards) and are pushed, sometimes by multiple people, board cart (small wooden seat fitted with skateboard plate that one skater sites on, and is pushed by another).

conga line. Hold hips of person in front. leader sets the pace and direction, preferably rapid, and twisted. Don't break the line!

Ship-shark-shore. 4 locations: bow, stern, shark, shore = 4 walls of rink. center of rink = ship. DJ plays music. on stopping music, DJ calls location/action. last person to do action/reach the right wall eliminated, as are those who do the wrong thing. Variations = calling "Captain's coming"(kneel & scrub floor), "Captain's Daughter"(stand to attention), etc. For spice, DJ calls several locations before setting on the final one. Careful use of calling can bias for/against certain skaters. e.g. call shark-shore-shark makes fast skaters go a long way away from the final target, thus slower skaters can get back to 'shark' before the fast skaters, making the game fairer.

Poison ball - as per typical children's game.

Non-skilled games:

Dice. Paint 6 circles on floor, numbered. Play music and stop - skaters go to a circle. Roll dice to eliminate a circle. Rinse and repeat to find winner(s). Vary game by number-stays-on, odds-and-evens, etc. Use a giant vinyl-covered foam dice - ours is about 60cm x 60cm with the 'dots' stitched on in a contrasting color.

Elimination. pay music and stop. Skaters divide up to 4 corners of rink. spin a pointer in the middle of the rink (use a length of wood painted red at one end, with a thumb tack in the middle to make a balance point), pointed-to corner is eliminated. repeat until winner(s) found; play diagonals, pointer-stays-on variations.

Magic places. Stop where you are when the music stops. DJ draws a card from a shuffled pack. Person closest to the location on the card wins a prize (e.g. candy bar from the skate guard). Locations include "under the disco ball", "closest to the DJ Booth", "under the spotlight", "Hearts/clubs/spades/jacks corner" etc. Think of 20-30 locations.

OK that's a few to start with. What else does your rink play?
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Old January 8th, 2007, 04:39 PM   #6
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Spider race:

Kids line up on one end of floor, and on go they bend over foward and propell themself with their hands. First one to the other side wins. Sometimes the little kids can beat bigger ones.


Play the Ghostbuster song and skate. Every time the word "Ghostbuster is heard, reverse skating directions. By the end of the song people will be laughing and not know what to do.
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Old January 8th, 2007, 10:15 PM   #7
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I wont go into a list of every game on skates I know of cause Ill be here for days. Here are a few:

Basic Skate games:

kiddy car (1 down 1 to push)
Train races (1 push 2 down)
Topsy Turby
Fast Skate
Shoot the duck basic
Shoot the duck elimination style(push each other down. Older skaters only)
Conga line (follow the leader both on an off the floor. Try using 2 lines and interact them if your pro)
dice game
red light, green light

Other games:

Dead bug: Skaters skate around until music stops and dj yells dead bug. All the kids fall to the ground to pretend to be dead bugs. pick the favorite and give a prize.

Ball Game: All nights only for this game but its a popular once the kids figure out how its played.

1 ball with 4 cones in races style placement. Pull the cones in as you need to make it a good style game.


Cant stop, jump, fall down, turn around, or go in the opposite direction. You must go around the 4 conesin the counter clockwise direction and cant go through the center.
how to play

Ball just sits anywhere on the floor. Skaters cant pickup the ball until the whistle is blown. Skaters are out if they touch the ball before whistle. Skaters are also out if they drop the ball.
Watch for skaters to stop while waiting for the ball.
Skater who ends up with the ball has to go in the middle of the cones. They have 5 secs to throw the ball and are considered out if they dont throw the ball within time slot. You can use 10 secs if you wish but 5 makes it quicker.

You will play until the last person is out. This game is a favorite anywhere I have played it. Just as long as its played right.

Jail break - 2-4 tagers that are usually floorguards of better skaters. 3 cones in the middle of the floor to skate around and cones in a coner to make jail. Skaters cant stop or fall down at any time. Skate in the regular skating direction at all times. Use water noodles cut down to use as tagers. Keep the taggers long but not too long.

Once your tagged you must go to jail until jail break is called out by the dj. Very good game

High low game - Skaters must go under the first limbo stick and then over the 2nd one. raise and lower at the beginning of the line.

Tag a lag - 1 skater as tagger. Set 4 cones up in racing style placement and 2 cones in the center long ways. Tagger is the one who controls the direction. He can cut through the center to change direction of play. Any skaters that are passed or behind tagger is out. Play several rounds.

Wheel game - musical chairs but with used skate wheels. Same as the cup thing but the wheels always were skate related.

Im going to call it a night. Ive played so many more and different variations at different rinks across the country. Those have always seemed the best to work.
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Old January 12th, 2007, 02:27 AM   #8
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Default Other games.

Some of the regular games we play are cups: The kids line up like they do for Limbo and then take two plastic cups and set them upside down. The skaters have to skate with one leg on each side of the cones. The cones keep getting farther apart so the skaters have to do like the splits to straddle the cups. If you hit the cup your out. Limbo- is a regular. Stars-We hide little green stars around in the building and if kids find them they get a small treat. Wipe out-blow the whistle while the kids skate to the song wipe out. When the whistle blows the skater skate bending down. Blow the whistle again they stand up and repeat every now and then. When the song is over you say wipe out and the kids fall down. We do this just before Limbo to get the kids limbered up some. We do the elimination. That is about the regular games. We do have hockey sticks and beach balls and also bought some round scooters for birthday parties. They have a string on them so kids can pull each other. Thanks for all the replies. It's great since this is the first time I got on skate log.

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Old January 12th, 2007, 02:41 AM   #9
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Default games

plate eliminations-Take the cheap paper plates and put a number on them from 1-6. Place the plates on the floor and when the music stops skaters stand on a plate , roll the dice and if you are on a plate with that number your out. This game you get cheaters though so it has to be for small groups. Read below for other games we play. Thanks for taking the time to help us out.

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Old January 12th, 2007, 08:04 PM   #10
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Red Light Green Light is one of the more popular games. The dice game is the only other game that gets played regularly that I can think of. While not a game, the kids also enjoy the doing the Hookey Pooky and the Cha-Cha Slide. they never seem to get tired of doing it every week. A lot of the enjoyment depends on the DJay and how they work the session, and how well they interact with the kids. I don't think it's something you can teach, it just seems to happen. In my area, a coach that's good with children and parents can really fill up the Saturday classes.

Just remember to have fun!

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Old January 12th, 2007, 09:47 PM   #11
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Default Something fun

Okay, this isn't really a game, but it's something fun to do. At our rink we sometimes have figure eight skating. The skate guard places cones down so you have to skate in a big eight. It's fun because you have to watch out when going through the middle, sometimes there are pileups!
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Old January 13th, 2007, 03:33 PM   #12
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Thanks for all the ideas The kids at the rink will like some of these new game ideas

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Old January 14th, 2007, 04:58 PM   #13
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I'm a little late here, but our local rink does play musical chairs.

No matter how many people, they generally use 10 folding chairs.

They place them in the middle, people have to skate around the OUTSIDE of the middle line (we have a huge red circle indicating the middle of the floor for beginner skaters), when the music stops, everyone goes for a chair. The first round eliminates most skaters. In each round, as with normal musical chairs, a chair is taken away and the last one sitting wins.

They sometimes vary this by doing triples (three to a chair, sitting on each others' laps) the 1st and 2nd rounds, doubles the 3rd and 4th rounds, then single from then on out, using 20 chairs during really busy sessions. For the slower sessions, when there's not as many people, they'll only use 5 or 6 chairs. Etc.

It's hilarious to see so many people scramble for so few chairs. It can be dangerous, but they've adapted some of the rules (hence the triple/double "rule" when it's a busier session and why you can only skate outside the middle line) once they realized how desperate people were to win.

Another rink I go to does is a couple ticket games.

Ticket Game 1: Take a handful of raffle tickets and put them on the floor. Play the music for a few, then stop it. When the music stops, skaters stop. If a skater's wheel is on a ticket, they pick it up then they call off the numbers. Winner gets a prize. The best one I ever played was eons ago, at the height of "Thriller"...and they had some awesome prizes. I won a Michael Jackson t-shirt on the first round. You don't have to go expensive, though. The prize can be a "meal" from the consession stand (dog or slice of pizza, chips and a small pop), inexpensive stuffed animals, etc. Longer sessions they'll do this several times, shorter sessions they'll only do two or three "rounds" throughout the session. This is also fun for lock-ins or charity sessions.

NOTE: www.orientaltrading.com has some pretty cool prizes that are inexpensive (most items are sold by the dozen or in assortments so you'll have plenty of prizes for several weeks)...and they've got tons of stuff...large inflatables to smaller jewelry items, hackey sacks, sticker packs, stationary items, and stuffed animals to themed stuff such as "Smiley Faces", "Wild Life", "Dinosaurs", etc.

Ticket Game 2: They print coupons ($4 off, $2 off, $1.50 off and/or Free Admission) on colored, slightly heavier, card stock. They lay them on the floor, upside down...play the music for a few, then stop it. People stop when the music does. When a skater's wheel is on a ticket, the person gets that coupon. Variations include doing it only for the current skating session (Only on Saturday's from noon to 3, Friday or Saturday Night Only, whatever public sessions you do) or you can do it as the price off (or free tickets) for ANY session. And also, to confuse people, don't forget to lay down a few blank ones.

Rules for the ticket games (guards must be on their toes!) if anyone picks up a ticket before the music stops (trying to cheat by looking at what the discount is for the second game or in general for the first), they are eliminated from the floor for the rest of the game.

Dance Moves:

They do several "instructional" songs (Cha Cha Slide, Electric Slide, even the Hokey Pokey - also great if your area is very rural/country, add a few square dance songs) and people form a line/ring/group and they station guards to watch the whole group.

Once it's over, each guard hands out 2 or 3 small prizes or free drink/snack/admission coupons to whomever they feel deserves them. This is based solely on THEIR judgement (no arguing with the "judges"). EXAMPLES: They could be looking for whoever stays on their feet the longest, the youngest one(s) in their area who stick it out through the whole song no matter how many times they land on their butt, whoever has the most "flair" during the dances, even the "coolest skates"....etc.

The guards get together beforehand and "rotate" (so it's not always the same guard who's looking for the same thing) and you just have to pick a spot on the rink and pray you have what the guard in your area is looking for.

Charity Skating:
They'll have sheets made up, people who participate are locked in, usually for the whole night (7PM Friday or Saturday Night until 10AM the next morning) or as an all-day thing (skating from 10 or 11AM until 10 or 11 PM). Participants get a wristband and free admission. The rink can pick the charity or rink owners can ask any local charities if they'd like to have their own night/day. For a week or two beforehand, the kids take the sheets to friends and family, and they pledge X amount (whatever they can afford) for each hour skated. The hours are divided so the skaters have to skate for 45 minutes out of each hour with a 15 minute break, then they get a check in that hour's box. Afterwards, they take their sheet around to those who've pledged and collect their money. Prizes can be given to the top 3 boys and top 3 girls who bring in the most money for the charity (usually by the charity) and the above games are sometimes played along with this, too (with prizes from the rink AND/OR the charity). Childhood cancers, kids with diabetes, etc. are great charities to do this for, as it's usually kids at the rinks.

You could also do slightly shorter adult sessions (or a 6 to 8-hour week-day thing) for more "grown-up" charities such as Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, etc. Prizes would be a nice touch, but aren't really "necessary" for the adults to participate. The adults could skate for a charity while their kids/grandkids are in school. Which would also make use of the rink when it's usually not open.

With the charities, if you had your wristband, our local rink often offered "half-off" consessions to the participants, too.
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Default Rink Games

Here are the games we did at our rink up Northeastern Ohio:

Stoop-skate: When the guard blows the whistle, everyone shoots the duck until he blows the whistle again.

Trio: groups of 3 people, first song, everyone side by side, 2nd song, everyone one behind the other, third song, topsi-turvi- everyone side by side, when the guard blows the whistle, everyone reverses direction.

Snowball: (old one) couples skate, all the guys line up on one side of the rink, all the girls line up on the other, When the guard blows the whistle, you need to change partners, either picking someone on the floor or asking someone along the wall to skate.
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Old January 20th, 2007, 01:37 AM   #15
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Oh yeah...forgot about the stoop skate.

Not for prizes or anything, but ours also does "One Skate"...instead of stooping, you have to lift one foot off the floor, then put it back down to push some more when they blow the whistle again.
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Old February 8th, 2007, 06:24 AM   #16
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Default Games we played...

Our local rink did all these games when I was growing up

Shoot the duck war - Down on one foot with other foot extended parallel to floor, hold toe stop with opposite hand. Ref called which foot each time, or could be both (sitting on heels). Object is to pull or knock down all the other skaters. Last one up wins.

- Regular races - it was always fun when the winners of each category all skated at the end (girls and boys together)
- Spider races - Same format as regular race, but with legs wide, head towards floor, pushing around rink with hands/fingers
- Scooter races - Again, same format. One skater sitting on heels, other skater pushing them. Could do doubles (two in front)

- Paddle races (loved these!) - Broken into two games: all under 12 and then all over 13. One person is chosen to have the paddle. Four cones, one on each corner as in races; four smaller cones in the center of the rink (kind of a small maybe 25x25 square in the center of the rink.
Person with paddle stands in center of rink, skaters wherever on floor outside of all cones. When the whistle blows, the one with the paddle chases everyone down. He/she either paddles or passes someone for them to be out. He/she has the option of going through the center cones (skaters do not). This is the fun part because they can either go through and come out continuing in the same direction (counter-clockwise) or they can go through the middle and hang a right forcing everyone to skate in the opposite direction. There is a lot of faking out here as to which way the paddler will go through it. Winner of the 12 and unders gets to compete with the older group.

Fast Skate - Always with good music
Fast Backwards Skate - Same format, everything of the fast skate, but backwards

Hokey Pokey
Four Corners

Then "The Golden Gate Boogie" (ok that is the rink name, started doing this in like '77 lol) this is basically disco on wheels. Way "back in the day" lol we did stuff that today would probably be called "jam skating lite"

And oh.. the couple skate (watch the dark corners!)
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Old August 30th, 2007, 09:03 PM   #17
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Default Rink Games

I'm just stepping back into the DJ booth after about 10 years off.

I used to DJ in California, at a little rink called 'Flippos Surfside Skate Harbor' (anyone know it?) and I loved it. I learned to skate inline, never looked back at Quads. Played Roller Hockey, took state and nationals, it was awesome. But I stopped skating, grew up, got married, gave away my Rollerblade Lightnings... thought I would never skate again.

Now my wife just started a Roller Derby League in our hometown and I am back on skates. In order to 'get into it' more, I talked with the rink owner, who just bought this rink, and now I am DJ'ing.

I remember the basic games.

Dice Game: In Cali, we had the four corners. The dice didn't have numbers on two opposing sides. This way we had a dice that you didn't randomly throw? You rolled it along it's main 'track' so that 1 through 4 would come up, not one of the blank sides. Then everyone would pack into the 4 corners, the dice gets rolled, and we had different outcomes.
  1. ( Lucky / Unlucky ) Odds / Evens : For example. If it was LUCKY ODDS/EVENS and an odd number came up (1 or 3) , the EVEN numbered corners left the floor.
  2. LUCKY ROLL: Whatever number came up, that corner STAYED on the floor... Everyone else left. and Vice Versa.
  3. Basic Roll : If you are the only person in a corner, and that number comes up... you win. If you are a group of people? You exit the skating floor.

Now I am living in my home town, Tulsa, Oklahoma... and the rules are different at this rink. He actually has numbered spots on the floor, and it's a full fledged stuffed Dice with 6 'corners?' It's a little more difficult for me cause I still haven't learned where number 3 is... or 5... but I rely on the floor guards for that.

Dodgeball : Basic rules of dodgeball. The ball touches you and then the floor. You are out. You can deflect with a ball in your hand. If the DJ starts to countdown, and hits 3 and you are holding a ball? You are out. Last person standing, wins a drink. The balls we are using at this new rink are those HUGE inflatable balls like from Wal-Mart. It's kinda fun to watch.

Red-Light / Green-Light : This one REALLY depends on your sound system. But you can make it fun.
Originally Posted by DJ
When I say 'Green Light' you can go. When I say 'Yellow Light' you should get ready to stop. By the time I finish saying 'Red Light' EVERYONE must be at a complete stop. The first person to touch the wall (on the other side of the rink) wins a drink/nachos/etc. Does everyone understand the rules? <cheer> C'mon! I can't hear you!! Does EVERYONE UNDERSTAND THE RULES!!!??? <interrupted cheer> "GREEN LIGHT!
I like to talk it slowly...
Green Light... Yeeellllloooooow Liiiiiigggghhhttt... Reeeeeeddddd Liiiiigggghhhttt...

If anyone moves, keeps rolling, OUT!



Just throwing out words that start with Green... Then once you have them not trusting you... You can 'remind everyone' of the rules.

Originally Posted by DJ
Remember the rules everyone. When I say 'Green Light' you can go... pause... (most people will just sit there and look at you, not realizing that by repeating the rules at them.. you just said the Green Light and they could be moving) Yellow Light. Red Light.
I used to have alot of fun with that game, and I am finding it enjoyable still.

Pushcarts : This one I barely remember. I think it was a simple race. We used 4 corner cones. But one skater would put one foot straight out in front of themselves, sit down on their other skate (for the limber only = kids), and one person would push them. If they fell over, they had to wait to be in 'pushcart' position before they continue racing. No falling, standing, start skating as they get into position. It was fun to watch, but in Cali we had one of the artistic skate club regulars who would always win. She was like 8 or 9 years old and she could skate, doing the splits, on the 'edge' of her inside wheels... insane little girl... kinda makes me wonder what she is up to nowadays. wonder if she even still skates, she was an amazing little girl. weird.

But here is where I am kinda stumped!
I remember, vaguely, one game where I would have two songs on. Something would happen when I would slide the volume from one song to the other. But I can't remember. The kids used to love it, cause I would have a serious song on one side, and a weird al or something goofy on the other. But I don't remember the rules.

And that is the extent of my remembrances of that time. I need some new games, more up-to-date. I have heard the kids asking for something like Sharks and Minnows... sounds a little dangerous. Heck, getting back into the new Hip Hop Crap has been my biggest hurdle. Thank the goddess for torrents. I was able to grab radio-edits of the Top 40 for the last 3 months and now I am not that creepy older guy that always plays old crappy music... chuckle. Now I'm that creepy older guy that plays cool music. Tuesday night was like my 5th night as a DJ and the kids were finally coming up (some of the adults too) and saying it was great... so that was nice. I'm almost having a blast.

Anyway... I would request that if you know of any newer games... or a place where games are listed out? PLEASE DO! I would like to have some fun doing this DJ scene. I'm already working Thursday nights 70-90s music (thats more my speed! Depeche Mode, the Cure, Men at Work... sigh. Real Music, not this Hmmmm, Yeah, Hmmmm Yeah... crap. Ugh! Now I sound like the guys I used to hate at my rink when I was DJ'd at back in 1989... ah well.

Help me Mr. Popeil... I'm in trouble! Give Me Some Game Ideas PLEASE!!!
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(whoopee) 2 guys on the out side lady in the middle when the music stop she goes forward to the next to guys.i think thats how it went
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I used to DJ & Guard, here's what I remember that hasn't been covered already:

We used to do Shoot-The-Duck as an endurance/tricks contest. When the music stops, skaters go down on one foot, other leg sticking straight out in front. Can't get up again until the music starts. Short pause in the music for round one, longer pause for round two. If you've got a crowd that can play, you start making it harder, by insisting that skaters continue rolling as long as they're down- stop and you're out. Call the leg they must rest on. Make them skate opposite direction. Do it backwards. Hop on one foot while still in position. Let them stop rolling, but leave them there for a while. Make them sing. Stand up while staying on just the one foot, & back down again. But contact with other skaters was always prohibited in our version- no knockdowns.

My favorite version of push races was Toboggan Races: a 3 man team, one pushing with two down in front. Three laps, and at the end of lap one, the skater in front must stand and move to the rear and become the pusher, while the old pusher squats down. The transition must be made within the space between the first and 2nd exits. Repeat for lap 3, so all three teammates get a turn pushing.

Relay Races- multi-man team, one lap per team member, must tag hand of stopped teammate before they can start. Or you can pass a baton instead of the hand tag- cuts down on questionable tags.

We had the "Bird Dance" as a double feature with the Hokey Pokey.

Sing-Along lyrics:
I don't wanna be a chicken;
I don't wanna be a duck;
So I shake my butt! <--(or rump if that's not appropriate)

Repeat and then they skate around a circle when the music changes. The kids love the part where they shake their butts!

If you do races, , I used to like to add "Parent Races" after the kids were done. The kids love to see mom & dad out there "going for it" (and falling down). Gotta judge your crowd, though, sometimes you can't get any volunteers! I used to tell the kids to go grab their parents and make them come out.

Conga Line: Not the version you'll see advanced shuffle skaters doing, this is for kids. Guard/DJ/chosen advanced skater heads a line of skaters with their hands on the hips/shoulders of the skater in front. Wind the line around the rink in figure 8's, opposite direction, small circles, etc. Take 'em off the floor and down the side aisle, through the snackbar, whatever! Add some simple kicks if you've got a crowd that can handle it.

A speed skate with a smoking hot rock song. Backwards version too, if the crowd can handle it. The regulars and advanced skaters will enjoy this the most, and you might have to break it up by age groups if you've got a mixed crowd. Don't be afraid to "promote" a younger skater if they are good enough to keep up with the next age group; it's better not to have them mixed in with the slowpokes.

The Blender: Similar to Ghostbusters game listed above, but with any song. Skaters must switch skating directions whenever the DJ calls out "Switch". Use a longer song with a drawn out ending (We always used Prince - Let's Go Crazy), and switch more and more often towards then end- pretty soon they are all jumbled up and going every-which-way, but once this happens you can keep it from getting too dangerous by "switching" them before they can get up much speed. Lots of laughing with this one, best with crowds.

4-corners/Dice game variation: The Spot Game. Colored spots on the floor/on the ceiling. Use a Twister spinner or similar to pick the color. Make it big enough they can see it from the floor.

...that's all that comes to mind right now. Hope somebody gets some use out of these.
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Pursuit race. The first lap is to get into position. When the first person crosses the line completing one lap then from that time on if you get passed you are out. Being out in front is usually a bad thing unless you are much faster than anyone else in the race because you have to lap everyone to win. Strategy is all important. No limit on duration of race, it can be a mile or more between experienced and well matched skaters.
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