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Speed Skating Forum Most of the discussions in this forum will be about inline speed skating but discussions about ice speed skating and quad roller speed skating are also welcome.

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Old December 4th, 2017, 01:26 PM   #1
Join Date: Oct 2017
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Posts: 36
Default Looking for lowest possible frame 3x110+100mm

Dear Fellow skaters,
I am starting to look for the next season for a hybrid frame 3x110+100mm as a replacement for my stock Powerslide X frame that came with my first speed skating set up which was Powerslide R2. In the meantime I progressed to Bont Jets, and I feel now is the time for some bigger wheels as the Powerslide X frame is rather high (overall deck height is 97mm and there is about 10mm space between the top of the second wheel and the boots undersole, which is an unnecessary waste of height; plus it feels heavy too).

I've been reading about the Schankel Litemax hy311 as a possible candidate, but this is not the newest frame and there might be other, better ones out there. Any advice is more than welcome, also links to reviews, articles and comparisons.

I will probably continue to use my 4x100 setup for technical training until I feel my form is good enough, but I also see that the 100mm wheels limit me somehow in terms of speed.

Thanks for any thoughts.
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Old December 6th, 2017, 12:44 AM   #2
Senior Member
kufman's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Illinois
Posts: 3,139

The older Cado 1-1-2 hybrid had a deck height somewhere near 95mm I think. The newer Cado frames are taller. EO makes a carbon hybrid and the deck is 96mm. Not much lower than your current setup but I can't think of any others that are lower. Depending on your boot size, the overall deck height might be limited by the toe of your boot hitting the front wheel.
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Old December 6th, 2017, 06:27 AM   #3
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Manassas, VA
Posts: 409

My first thought is the EO frame.
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Old December 31st, 2017, 04:25 AM   #4
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Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Detroit Rock City
Posts: 341

Take a look at the selection of Flyke Turbo frames: http://flykeracing.com/turbo-2/
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Old January 23rd, 2018, 09:36 AM   #5
Join Date: Oct 2017
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Posts: 36

Hello everyone and happy New Year (it's still legit to wish it, right?).

Thank you for the informative replies and your interest in the topic. I did some shopping over the Xmas period and opted for the Schankel Litemax hy311. I was not able to compare it against all the suggestions you've made, but it was a frame I was able to try on my boots and it was one that fitted very well. I also tried on the Powerslide Icon (I am not sure about the model though) and it seemed on par or even slightly lower than Schankel (by a 1mm or so), but the guy selling me the frame advised me in favour of Schankel due to a more favourable placement of the wheels compared to PS: they are moved forward compared to the PS which, reportedly, helps to push/makes it lighter to push. I have not heard about this factor/characteristic of frame construction earlier, but choose to believe the guy who is experienced enough.
All in all, Schankel it is. I have not had yet the opportunity to test it, but the frame with 3x110/1x100 is 1mm lower than my previous entry-level PS setup 4x100 I had earlier. I believe I achieved what I wanted.
Still, I am going to stay on the 100mm for a while (couple of months), if I manage to keep my curiosity at bay, before switching to the new frame, in order to polish my technique and make sure I have right form and strenght for 110mm.
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Old January 23rd, 2018, 01:54 PM   #6
is skating again. WOOT!
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Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: South Central, MA
Posts: 2,810

I ran a Flyke Neutrino hi/lo at one time and it was very low.
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