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Old February 22nd, 2009, 09:30 PM   #1
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Default A Plan To Increase Participation in Roller Sports.

Plan for building Roller Sports.

It is unfortunate the lack of a useful plan by the current NGB that it has come to something like this to gain membership to increase participation in Roller Sports. The following is a just a start and yes many things can be added but we must start somewhere.

Plan for Increasing Number of Participants

“The goal of the following information is to increase participation in Roller Sports”

What are the goals of this plan?

“To increase number of additional Clubs by 2% in a year, to increase the number of additional Clubs by 15% in 5 years and to increase the number of Clubs by 40% in 10 years.”

How to build toward achieving these goals?

1. Every Club will select a liaison that will be involved in Club and member promotions.
A. This person will be directly involved with building their Club as well as gaining additional Clubs, this person may select others in their prospective Club to assist in this process.

2. Every Region will create an Improving Committee to oversee promotions in their area.
A. This Committee will consist of at least 4 members, the Chairman of each Regional Improving Committee will be the liaison of the Club with the largest increase in Club participation for the preceding year. When another Club gets a larger increase in participation that Clubs liaison becomes Chairman replacing the current one who then stays on the committee for the following year. By doing this we will see a rotation of members of the Committee providing fresh ideas.
1. This Committee will meet through phone or preferably internet bi-monthly. All Roberts Rules of Order will be in effect and all Club liaisons in the region receiving minutes in a timely manner.

3. USARS will create a National (or name not to be confused with Championships) Improving Committee.
A. This Committee will consist of all the Regional Improving Committee Chairmen, with the National Committee Chairman being the one with the largest increase in club participation. The same rotation as Regional Committees will be used.
1. This Committee will meet through phone or preferably internet Quarterly. All Roberts Rules of Order will be in effect and all Club liaisons will be provided minutes of meeting in timely manner.

What is Expected From Each Level.

1. National Improving Committee.
A. This Committee will create detailed program for all levels below them to follow which will get every club on the same page in fulfilling the goals of this plan.
1. This Committee will provide each Regional Committee with contact information of all rinks in their prospective area, including information of past clubs and members in a specific timeframe.

2. Regional Improving Committee.
A. This Committee will select rinks in there Region to promote this plan to.
1. The Regional Committee will determine a time frame that rinks will be contacted since this plan will not be able to hit all rinks at once.
2. The focus will be on selecting rinks in the largest populations first then follow down a list toward smaller populations.
3. Keep documents showing when rinks are contacted with information.
4. Determine and track which existing clubs are the nearest to prospects.
5. Track which existing clubs are actively participating in said program.
B. Mail out promotional information predetermined by National Committee.

3. Existing Club Liaisons
A. These selected people will be expected to assist the Regional Committee by being the direct contacts of future rinks or clubs.
1. Will follow up the first contact of rinks from the promotional information with phone calls and a personal meeting.
2. Will bring skaters of existing Clubs to the prospective rink to demonstrate the sport if needed.

The Plan.

The National Improving Committee with the financial support from USARS will create a Promotional Packet that will distributed by the Regional Committees it will include:

A. All contacts involved in Roller Sports Improving Committees as well as the nearest contacts in existing Clubs geographic region.
B. A complete information package that includes all the pros of having a club.
1. Details of financial information that the rink could see as potential income.
C. DVDs or VHS that show great Roller Sports events that can be shown at the rink via big screen or TV to promote to patrons of the rink.
D. How To Start a Club information.
1. How to select Coaches and Club members in charge of promoting club locally.
2. How to write public Service Announcements that can be sent to local media promoting Club, Rink and Sport.
E. A predetermined amount of complimentary admissions to local or large regional events such as Pre Regional or large meets to show what Roller Sports are about.
F. An interactive website that gives additional details that prospective rinks and clubs can use that answers questions and give updates of ideas and provide access to what other clubs are doing.

(Again this is a start many more things can be added, that is what the meetings of the
Committees are for.)

Additional information provided to Regional Committees and Existing Club liaisons.

1. Information via scripts that are used by existing Regional Committees and existing Club liaisons for phone calls made to prospective rinks.
2. FAQ information to be used in these discussions.
3. Forms to file that details information received from prospects, also times of calls etc.

(Just a start additional things can be added.)

Should the above involved people do this at their own expense?

No, all phone call expenses should be reimbursed. Also Club liaisons and Committee members should receive discounts for Regional entry fees or National entry fee comparable by the amount of work done to promote this plan. Ex. If a Club liaison spends a lot of time helping this plan and gaining additional Clubs they would get a bigger discount, if a Club liaison does nothing they get nothing. Again this can be changed around with many other things, my point is that these people who put personal time into this effort should see additional rewards.


The goal of this plan is to grow Roller Sports and increase participation. If the plan is successful Roller Sports can possibly see additional revenue via USOC for World Team costs.

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Old February 22nd, 2009, 09:31 PM   #2
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Default For those that do not undrstand what this is about.

This is about the USARS lack of a plan to increase the numbers of clubs participating in Roller Sports. USARS over the past 20-30 years has seemed to make no effort to increase numbers and do not even have a plan to do this. While USARS does nothing members of Roller Sports see the huge decline participation across the US. It is seen at Nationals in all disciplines in decline in participants and spectators. I have created this plan to possibly get something started before numbers decrease even more.
This plan is just a start, something to build off of, so yes many things cna be added as well as maybe needing taken off.
I hope viewers will add their feedback to this. Give additional ides that can be added. It does not matter if it is a differing opinion of something on this plan, please elaborate so myself as well as others can understand your reasoning.
Please pass on the location to view this to others in your selected discipline so we can get as many members opinions on it as possible.
You know its a shame that mebers of USARS has to do something like this when there is an NGB that is SUPPOSED to be doing this.

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Old March 5th, 2009, 02:50 AM   #3
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Originally Posted by sk82day View Post
I hope viewers will add their feedback to this.
I don't know much about this, but I will say this sport needs some serious publicity improvement.

There is only 1 Marathon in California this entire year. It's frustrating.
== John ==
"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat. " ~ Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of US (1858 - 1919)
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