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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
As has been typed, over and over.
Shorter Plates Require Superior Balance and Skill.

Long Plates are heavier, slower and not as much FUN.

Take advice with a grain of salt.

Short plates are slower than longer plates. Be it quads , inlines, or even ice.

I have a sh!toad of fun on my quads that most would call a "skateboard" .

Fun is had by the ability to push the limits of your gear, sorry short plates have quickly reached limits of speed, and that slow speed isnt much fun when I could easily run faster.

Heavier... that's so laughable. Let's check the weight difference.

Arius plate for example.

The weight between a size 3 and a size 12 is LESS THAN 1 OUNCE. Lol.

How about a traditional kingpin design?

Oh lookie there, just under 2 ounces separates the smallest plate with the largest plate. 124mm vs 192mm 1.9 grams... soo heavy... and that is at the most extreme end. In reality it would be less than an ounce you are saving.

Completely stupid to think that weight would matter.
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