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Default nothing wrong with long plates

Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Maybe if you learned how to skate and edge, or socialize even... you wouldnt be so grumpy, overly critical and irritable about what other people make excellent use of. I'm far from the only one running a "skateboard" setup.

The best skaters I know run setups just like mine, also with 0 issues.

If you're content to go slow(ly) in tiny little circles, then no, something like what I use wont be the best fit. Nor would a snort forward, art skates come to mind, more so their axle placement choices.

My skate setup would also be a bad choice for loops. What it does get used for... it's perfect. Lateral stability, correctly placed axles for a real feel with the floor and the bodys natural balance points.
My son tryed out my skates and could not turn them. LOL To run long plates it takes time to build up the strength in your calves and ankles to equalize the forces needed. I will never go back to a short plate. 7.75 is the shortest I care to skate. My 8 inch plates are perfect for speed and stability, something that is often said cannot happen with DA45. It's just a fun plate to skate on.
I ain't worried about the negativity from the pretenders...

Finally after years of skating old bearings with no upkeep, threw away 4 bearings this weekend. No problem, dug out some fresher used bearings and installed. Good to go....
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