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Originally Posted by Ursle
IMHO, you've taken all the worst possible skate parts and assembled a fubar.

The Boots are the worst possible boot to use for roller skating, a hard shell, I know, it's how they skate in GB, but they're BLIMEY. (They might look better if they were orange and black striped )

The Plates are ridiculously long, again IMHO.

The wheels are the silliest, boat anchors attached to skateboards attached to a plastic shell.

If one were at the top of a 5 mile 15degree slope those would be perfect, the perfect tool to hit something at 80mph.

How did a discussion about 101a wheels locking up on wooden floors go full FUBAR?
Doesn't take much to make you a hateful little sh!t.

The remedy for the OP has turned into softer bugger wheels, or skating faster, and here we are. I've never been tripped up from debris at speeds above 12 mph or so. Walking speed = danger.
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