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Originally Posted by Sonny01 View Post
I started with my dad's 1948ish 297's I think they were. At least when they actually fell apart in 1969 the 297 was what they best matched up to. They had Gloria Nord plates with all the trucks locked down. I skated on them for another six years before I stopped skating altogether. Thirty six years later my doctor told me I needed more cardio. Since I wasn't getting any cardio at all I figured I'd drag out the old skates and see if I could still do it. Around that time I joined this forum with a ton of questions. Somebody said I needed to change the wheels, bearings and cushions. The right foot, right side wheels were coned, the bearings didn't turn so well because they were so rusty and when I took the trucks apart the cushions turned to dust.
Several different Snyder plates ending with Imperial Lites NTS later and now the Roll Line Ring plates which are fantastic and I'm happy as a clam. Except for the boots. I had a pair of Edea Classica and there was 0 break in time and they were awesome...except I couldn't turn in them because the ankles didn't give so they had to go. I finally retired the 1969 297's and got a pair of 192 Riedells and they hurt my feet unless I leave the laces real loose. So, another pair of 297's is in my future...and I dread the break in time.
My inline boots fit really well. And are very stiff, so I only have to tighten up the top two eyelets, the rest is barely snug if that. Also use waxed laces.
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