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Thanks for detailed info!

Only lessons I give is to my daughter, over the years she's always said, "why does none of my friends dad skate" if your not power sliding making noise, your not having fun

I've broken quite a few trucks & over the years, (I know Power Tracs were never intended for anything other then speed skating). They had black trucks when I got them. Many years ago the previous owner was having issues with trucks so I'm assuming they were replaced when I got them.. the Pivot Point has short threads

My definition for mounted by the ball of my foot, is the center of the front axle in directly under the ball of my foot.

I've saw many of your recommendations and advice over the years, and I hope (at least think) going to a 7.25 for an already long 7.50 would be negligible.

I'm still on the fence on whether to buy new or used, but I was considering I used plate on here that already comes with some of your goodies (cushions, lightened kingpins)
If I do decide to go new, I'm assuming a PM or an email and you can fill me in about acquiring modified cushions?

Again, thanks again for wealth of knowledge and advice
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