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Originally Posted by 302efi View Post
Long time lerker over the years, read lots of your posts Doc !
Hmm, are you still sane??

A little about me..6-1 about 190lbs. I've been skating well over 20 years, lots of footwork, shuffle, some jumping and some limited jam...I'm a very agile, loose skater with good balance...and like to power slide

I'm sure you are quite popular with the kiddos. Do you give lessons??

I've skated in my 395s (size 11) and 7.50 original Power Trac for 15 years.

Orange or black trucks, small or larger thread pivot pin?? (Just curious to find out how original your P Tracs are.

They were mounted based off the ball of my foot. I've been looking at the Snyder Advantages for a long time and I've wondered how a slightly smaller plate would act. So my question is, would a change to a 7.25 plate be that big of a change from a 7.50 ?

Depends... Seriously, this is a "How high is up question". Over the years, I have seen responses from sk8rs being astounded by 1/4 turn in action adjustment all the way to taking to a totally different sk8 in a lap. Totally different as in 1" shorter wheel base and front axle 1/4" further forward. So the "X" factor is the sk8r.

I understand the action will be different going from a racing plate (Power Trac) to a dance plate (Advantage), my main concern is my balance, if a 1/4 inch shorter would have that much effect on my over all balance with the new plate mounted the same as my old one, under ball of foot ?

Again it will be up to you. I have found in most cases 1/4 to be negligible, especially since you are in skateboard range. (I have successfully put 6 3/4" plates on size 11 sk8s.)

I was also looking at Roll Line's offerings, but I have no experience with them. Anything comparable to an Advantage ? (The action looks very similar)

Based on discussion with the Roll Line distributor, he feels the Roll Line action is just an evolution of the Snyder Advantage / World Dominator / Super Deluxe geometry. The issue becomes expense of parts. One can buy a full set of SG Super cushions to upgrade the Advantage for about the same money as 1 set of urethane Roll Line cushions. Many of the other parts are on the pricey side as well. The good news is neither Roll Lines or Advantages break very often if well sk8ed and maintained.

I have a modified Advantage and a couple of urethane cushioned Roll Lines. I can tune them to the point I really cannot tell the difference in the way they behave.

So the call would come down to budget and visual appeal.

Thanks for your time !

I know this is not a very direct answer, but not having a crystal ball or you here to watch sk8, I cannot go much past what I have said here.
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."
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