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Default Changing from a 7.50 to a 7.25 Plate..Big difference ?

Long time lerker over the years, read lots of your posts Doc !

A little about me..6-1 about 190lbs. I've been skating well over 20 years, lots of footwork, shuffle, some jumping and some limited jam...I'm a very agile, loose skater with good balance...and like to power slide

I've skated in my 395s (size 11) and 7.50 original Power Trac for 15 years. They were mounted based off the ball of my foot. I've been looking at the Snyder Advantages for a long time and I've wondered how a slightly smaller plate would act. So my question is, would a change to a 7.25 plate be that big of a change from a 7.50 ?

I understand the action will be different going from a racing plate (Power Trac) to a dance plate (Advantage), my main concern is my balance, if a 1/4 inch shorter would have that much effect on my over all balance with the new plate mounted the same as my old one, under ball of foot ?

I was also looking at Roll Line's offerings, but I have no experience with them. Anything comparable to an Advantage ? (The action looks very similar)

Thanks for your time !
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