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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Dunno if I can make that.
What's the session price that night?

Would be cool to come down for a weekend. I was @ Kates - Indian trail location. They recently got their floor recoated, I could still smell it. Stupid grippy. Well until the water spots started poping up. My friend and I ate it hard cranking on it backwards.

I think all that rain this past weekend was just too much for their roof. You know they have a problem there because the floor looks a little different in spots. But you can't see water on the floor cause its so shiney.

I don't recall seeing a floor guard there ever, though my wife said there was one, but he couldn't skate. So many kids everywhere going all directions, with food and drink on the floor. Combining that with a get on the floor almost anywhere setup and stuff got pretty intense a few times!
this will be at the Lowell location in Gastonia. it is not the India Trail location.
it took me a bit to find pricing. it's kinda buried.

Admission is $25 for all night and only $20 if you are a May Club Card Holder
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