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WOW! I knew this could be done so much better than prior efforts turned out, as this version seems to be.

This has been a dream of mine for over a decade.
I have owned some that sucked. I have built some prototypes using velcro cinch straps bonded between plate and sole stiffener. I never quite got the interlock to be quite tight enough.

An athletic shoe that appears like, and seems to function, while walking, like a normal athletic shoe (sole flexes - not stiff) , but having an internal structure allowing the quick mating attachment of a typically normal functioning (truck swing turning) quad plate.
I am in love with it already.

What happens when sole wears thinner?
If I step in mud or dog poo does the locking mechanism get crapped up (attachment mechanism function)?

Does the sole stiffen up when the plate locks onto it, or does still flex & twist laterally, between the sole and the plate deck?
UPDATE: I see in the vid that plate deck matches size/shape of shoe sole, which is how I did my prototype as well.

Should be a big winner in the crowdfunding arena. Can't wait for the launch.

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