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Unhappy I tried Riedell Royals once!!!

I tried Riedell Royals once!!! I thought Figures was calling my name again!! I built a set up using Royals and basically couldn't skate in them. Much of the problem was that my left leg has more curve in it the my right, something I never notice skating in 297's.. But with the Royals I could not for the love of me skate an inside edge on my left foot.. I finally figured out the problem and had the sole of the left boot ground to compensate for the problem with my left leg.. BUT even then I couldn't skate in those boots they were just too stiff for me!! Years ago I stripped off the Snyder plates and put Ice dance blades on them and they are quite nice on ice.. But for me way too stiff for roller skating!!

I still love my I tried Riedell Royals once!!! 297's, someday I may even buy another pair???

Ray Ninness
Bedford, NH
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