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I've used the PowerBar gels, but more when I'm running or hiking. Embarrassingly, the only reason I tried them in the first place is for the taste--I like sweet stuff. My favorite is Vanilla flavor. When you dillute them in your mouth with plenty of water, they are not so sweet though. Some flavors are less sweet, but they are all a bit slimy!

Like you, I'm not so much into caffeine while I'm exercising (I don't mind it when I'm drinking a Pepsi or something, but I just get a bit suspicious about it having any benefit for working out. Seems to me it might even be a detriment for the body during a workout). Luckily, PowerBar makes several flavors without any caffeine. They are a bit hard to find, so sometimes I just get the caffeine-laced flavors.

As for their helpfulness. You know, it's hard to say about any of these sports drinks, power bars, etc. Who's to say it's not just psychology? You can get a "lift" out of a chunk of chocolate!
But that said, they do seem to give a bit of a pick up--especially when I'm getting really whacked out during a longer run or long hike (as I said, I haven't used them for skating). For that reason, I like them. They seem to take effect faster than the solid versions, plus they are much easier to carry along with me. They fit well into just a little running short key-pouch. So... I think they are worth the sliminess...

Here's more info on the flavors... and some propaganda:

Those Slimy Gels

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