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Originally Posted by online inline View Post
I think you might have better luck with a rec boot and small wheels like a 5x84 or even 5x80, and definitely with a brake.
. . . around the neighborhood, you need a brake because hills pop up all of a sudden, and cars as well, so you have to be prepared in a big way.
Yes, I skate mostly on the streets and I definitely like having a heel-brake for all those unexpected situations (and for expected things like hills and traffic lights and stop signs).

It's hard to be sure from that photo, but it doesn't look like that that Rollerblade Pro Marathon has a high enough back on the boot to get really effective use of the heel-brake (which might explain why the photo doesn't show a heel-brake on the skate).

But I could get interested in the Rollerblade Crossfire 8.0 which has 100mm wheels and a heel-brake and what looks like a high enough back on the boot to exploit the heel-brake for effective quick stops.

Also the K2 Moto series, with the Moto Extreme offering 100mm wheels and heel-brake with a high-back boot.

Good to see that some of the manufacturers are recognizing the need for skates with big wheels to roll over bumps and really effective heel-braking -- makes me think it's getting time to replace my wearing-out-from-use Salomons.

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