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Originally Posted by McKool View Post
I started this thread to get some current 2016 updates as to what Brand and Model of skates people are rolling with and why they made that choice?

I'm new to skating (fitness & fun) and want to purchase some good skates for use on a 35 miles bike trail and around the University and such. More than that, I'm curious as to what everyone currently likes as far as skates go? Personally, I have my eye on some Seba High Lights. Thanks everyone!
I just got my new skate today and put an unboxing and review videos on youtube. You can take a look and ask me questions.

For fun skating on the road, I use Power Slide Hardcore EVO 2.0. My new skate is one level down, the Power Slide Ultron. Just remember not to use these skate in the skate park....especially not do skate on the U board unless you have changed the bearing to slower grate and the wheels to a lot smaller size........ I went to a skate park few days ago and skated on my Hardcore EVO 2.0....ILQ=-9 bearing and 80 mm wheels........yes....small tricks is possible.....but when I tried to do 180 turn in the board...lost control due to rolling too fast and too high in position....fell on my knee ....swollen.....|||

And when I attempted to try some other jumping trick...caught by the wheel due to its size is too large for that kind of I was there not even 20 minutes an had to leave for home...with injured knee....|||

Some times I use my customized BONT Z speedskate or the Rollerblade GT speedskate to skate in the community.

If you specifically only want to know skate models of 2016, I have no experience at all. But I can tell you there are some good 2015 skates under discount price and performance are very good.

Seba Hight Light s a good one. I did not purchase it due to Seba design tend to be narrow for those who have narrow feet and those who like tight wrapping feeling. I have wide and thick feet, I need good volume.....

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