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Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
I saved up the then $1200 price for the Simmons customs. Unfortunately, his customs are now $1600 and other competitors are similar: Pinnacle (start at $1400), Kaiser (start at $1250 w/ molding), and Marchese ($2000)
Marchese is $2000? Ow! I always thought Simmons was the most expensive. I stand corrected!

I skate mostly in 3 year old custom Pinnacle Elites with Bont 7050 frame (4x110)

I try to get a one skate per week in nearly 11 year old very well worn Wolf Racing boots, also custom. They are relatively floppy so it helps ensure that I retrain my balance rather and not get too dependent on the very stiff Pinnacles.

Every other week, I do Friday Night Skate in a pair of Twisters. It saves punishment to my feet as well as gives me more of a workout. When I acquired these skates nearly 10 years ago I intended to use them to learn stairs, something not advised in speed skates. Alas, this still hasn't happened.
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