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Default Training on an elliptical machine

At my local YouFit gym, they’ve got six elliptical machines/models where: 1) the foot petals remain level at all times as your feet cycle through each stroke; 2) petals rotate with a good amount of amplitude to enable longer strokes; and 3) provides two small fixed front horizontal hand bars at chest level. Using these elliptical machines, I take a low skate position with one hand resting lightly on the forward/fixed hand bar (with my eyes level with the handle bars) while doing full arm swings with the other free arm. I focus on fully unweighting one foot by moving/centering my body over the other foot to initiate the next stroke and then sustain and lower through the stroke as long as possible with a high back arm swing. I try to focus on getting the arm swings in rhythm with each stroke to get maximum and efficient push off each stroke.

I’ve worked my way to pedaling at resistance level 16 out of 25, and after the initial 10 minutes warmup at level 16, I continue on for 20 more minutes pedaling at level 17 or 18 (and will go even higher as I build more strength and endurance). I’ve been doing these 30 minutes sessions at 30-40rpms for 14 of the last 17 days. At skate practice, I find myself easily skating and maintaining a low skate position and maintaining higher end speed for entire 10 and 20 lap races!
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