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Originally Posted by Code Monkey View Post
My new R2's (R2 100) came in Friday so I did my stuff to them and took them out for a spin. Joey was over at a friends so I had about three hours and skated almost the entire time. I did it my way. Steady pace, on my 5x80s. I actually kind of missed doing the intervals and so every now and then I would try to do the fast leg turnover. I had fun but I think I should have taken it a bit easier because the next morning I had my workout with Dr. Pain. She had me do intervals but this time after each mile we would do some stretching exercises and regular scisssors kicks and sideways scissors kicks. She then introduced a medicine ball and had me (now all this with skates on) scissor kick and pass the ball between my legs and do crunches at the same time. This nearly made me puke but then it was off to do another mile.

So that was my bearing test. I was running the Adams inline ceramics. Now the thing I like about the ceramics is that they are so quiet ... that is until something goes wrong with them. I understand now what Rich at Nettracing was saying about sideways load. The ceramics spin quietly but when pushing they now have this incredibly annoying tick. I can feel the drag on a push. I haven't looked at them yet but I did take them out and put back in the BSB Swiss. These BSB Swiss have been through everything and I would have to say they are excellent. They aren't quiet but they are smooth and fast. Yesterday I went for an easy skate and I could tell the difference. Now these ceramics have about two hundred miles on them and they feel worse and now ticking, the BSB Swiss have about nearly three thousand miles on them and they feel faster and sound exactly the same as when I first bought them. The ceramics are also a little more expensive than the BSB Swiss.
that is good mileage on the bsb swiss,,,do you ever clean and oil them??

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