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You can't beat a well loved skate! (points and laughs). Shark accident?

That skater is SOOOO INCREDIBLE.

I ended up ordering a high boot as well. I think that part of growing is trying different things and seeing how they work. I was gonna start thinking about softer wheels, but first thing's first, gotta get them first. (sooooo excited)!!!

On a different note. I started snowboarding last year. EASIET sport I've ever learned. For the longest time I couldn't figure out what made the transition from slalom skating to snowboarding so similar. I kept telling people, but they were like, "okay wierdo."

So I just figured out what it is. It's backward nelson!!!!!! SNOWBOARDING IS BACKWARD NELSON ALL THE WAY (or forward nelson non-dominant foot). Anyhoo, I just had that "ah ha" moment. Thought I'd share.

Can't wait for those quad skate
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