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Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Forget all those questions. Tonight I rented a crappy pair of quads and I tore it up!!! I ordered a pair of skates that a rhythm/jam skater recommended (we have similar style and moves). I'll take it from there with frame and wheels. Thanks all for so much great advice.

Slalom moves are different but really fun on quads. My quad friends that always tell me I can only do certain moves because I'm on inline skates were super shocked when I could do almost all those moves on quads. I feel great.

Do you guys think quads go faster than inlines?

Haha you showed their asses eh? With super tight suspension on a quad the trucks become stable and you can use the lip of the wheels easier. This allows the quad to cut like the inline can. Its all in the skaters abilities.

As for being faster... No. My inlines are very much faster than my quads. Though this has to do with more than just wheel size. Frame alignments on inlines are practically "toed in" when compared to quad skates. This in itself changes the rate of stride cadence. Also inlines tend to have a longer effective stride than quads before grip isn't there. Longer strides increase the time you have to accelerate your foot in the stride. And as you lean the inline over it also turns slightly against the arc of your stride.

Wheel size is like extra roll. Not so much extra speed. The frame alignment and how far forward the front wheel is makes a bigger difference. Bigger wheels on inlines are faster, but its not "because it's bigger it's better/faster".

My quads have a "toed in" stance when compared to most other people's quads. I also have a very long plate. This pushes the axle forward and helps make the skate faster. It's close to my inlines speed... But no cigar.

That being said there's a lot of people with inlines on that will never catch me in my quads. But if I raced myself... There's no way my quad speed will ever beat my inline speed
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