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Default FB vs Forums

kinda a general reply to the last few posts:
For info, I go to forums. plain and simple. the data is more accessible there. from the google definition a forum is "a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged." I believe that hearkens back to the Greek concept of a forum. it is a place for ideas. if you want data, come here.

For social stuff, FB (or MeetUp) is great. it is a social media. as far as organizing skating, it is hard to beat. however, it makes only recent stuff relevant, so any useful data quickly gets buried. Forums are a little too static to see what is relevant at the current moment.

I see a use for both. The forum will live on, but Facebook has advantages in certain areas. I find myself on here more often than Facebook, though I have been making efforts to start a Facebook group in my area (just no interest here it seems). the forum is a little more agnostic towards geographical location.
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