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Originally Posted by rufusprime99 View Post
Too much whining from stupid people whining about stuff they don't have to look at in the first place.

Ever hear me whine about aggressive skating? No. You know why? I don't read that forum.

All you creampuffs need to do is not read off topic. Problem solved.
Well, I came back because I was searching for what some obscure swiss bearings are. Remembered what I posted last about all the politics here, and decided to see the replies. About what I figured. "If you don't like it, just Done LOOOOKKK>... (said in sanctimonious yet whining voice). Standard BS answer when people do things that are WRONG - "just ignore it if you don't like it". Yep, I have. And hundreds of other members are too, now. But so YOU know:

Here's the deal bucko: Most forum tools have a "New Posts" button, as does this one. Go ahead, look. It's right above you. Now click it. See how many new posts are in the "off topic" category? That's how I see what's new, not digging down into each sub-category to "hope" something new was posted there.

I don't go to any of those that are listed as "off topic". But I have to look at them, and see that in the past year, 94.67% have been "off topic". So why should I come here often? Why should anyone, other than the "off topic" types?
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