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Originally Posted by Armadillo View Post
Plenty of non-DA45 skates will turn just as sharply as the DA45s will.
However, they will simply require MORE plate lean to reach this level of turning sharpness. Some of us can easily use our bodies, legs, and ankles to produce this increased amount of plate lean, especially with well optimized suspensions, and we don't need any DA45 plates to get all the turning we want or need from our plates.

This seems to be the trouble I am having? I can't get the da/45 to lean like a 10-15 degree while still keeping all four on the floor. When I try to lean hard on the 45s it wants to fight me and snap back.

True, it may take us a few miliseconds longer to get our skates leaned over to the degree we need them to reach, but we will have a better chance of nailing the correct amount of lean with less chance of overshoot or undershoot.

Oversteer is the problem that I seem to be having. Then I have to correct the oversteer which in turn shoots me off into another direction. It reminds me of the way some American cars oversteer, Corvette?, then when correcting from the line the car wants to take vs the line I want to take, it oversteers again. Obviously a da/45 is a better than an American car but this is the only way I can accurately explain what I'm feeling. Hope it's not a bad comparison. Not trying to insult anyone

I tend to like the action, suspension, turning, shifting that Japanese and German cars are famous for. A Porsche 911, Nissan Z, Acura NSX is the kind of feeling i want my plates to have.
Some will tell you that these cars have oversteer and some oversteer can be a wonderful and exciting thing which is why I think a lot of people like the da/45. I have had the most luck with Roll lines so far. I like the control and smooth performance, a suspension that holds the line and center of gravity in the turns without having to fight for control. I like to weave and turn sharply without having to worry about over or understeer or fishtailing. This is what I'm looking for in a solid plate

If you like being able to just twitch your foot angle and have your skate zoom off to the left or right, then DA45s are a good way to go.
I do not like this at all
Some of us expect our skates to deliver more than just quick sharp turning though, thingslike getting as much of our power down onto the floor as possible matter to us, and it is in some of these other performance categories that the DA45s simply do not deliver as well as other shallower action plates do. This does not make DA45s bad plates, but it does make them a dubious choice for serious speed skaters.
I do seem to have issues powering through the turns on them. I admit that I have only borrowed several skates with a da45 setup bc I like to try before I buy. So maybe this is an issue of generally being ignorant on how to tune the action on these plates. It does seem that it shouldn't be this difficult to get the sweet spot. Maybe there needs a to be more idiot proof da/45 that dont require so much tuning to get proper action?

It is mainly a question of skating priorities and style. In the end though, if you want me to believe that DA45s are good speed skates, you are going to have to point to some people standing on the quad speed winners podium who are skating on them at competitions. From what I have seen, there are very few winners choosing to roll with them.
Is there ever anyone on a quad speed skating podium using da/45s? Im legitimately asking bc I have no idea. I never competed in any events. I'm considering it I will admit that derby is different from long track speed skating. My rink is a decently large one and I do like the fifteen degree action for serious quad speed. Derby, in my very humble opinion, is a mixture of several things depending on your position. Speed skating is a necessity for derby in my opinion. I can get great action from the 15 degree Roll line driver with plates shorter than most speed plates and mounted forward for derby. I think the plate size is what is most important for the short track. Tighter turns seem easier when my plate is shorter and i run soft cushions.

The short track does lend itself better to da/45 for a lot of skaters because of the tight turns. If that works best for a skater in the sport, one should use what is available to get the best performance for the available skills that player has.
Hockey stops and power skating is important for derby. Being able to move the feet, knees and ankles explosively like a power skater or hockey skater is imperative for catching a jammer who has more speed when you. The da/45 does have that snap that I talked about which does help with this explosion of foot speed. The problem is maintaining control throughout the explosive leg, knee, ankle, foot maneuvers. I can only speak for myself. It may work amazingly for da/45 skaters who have figured out the best action for them.

Dancing/figures/loops. Da/45 was wonderful for this. If one doesnt have as much experience as a seasoned dancer, figure skater the da/45s make these types of actions much easier.

Im not trying to tell anyone what to do. I don't know your experience level, what you use your plates for, and how tune/ use them. I love that there are so many different types of plates for everything, and if I have it my way, I will own and skate on every single piece of skate equipment I can get my hands on.
If you spent good money on quality gear(da45 or not)I'm not trying to tell you that you are a bad skater or that your plates are crap. Far from it. I'm just attempting to understand why I haven't had much luck with the da45s I have tried. They may just not suit me and some others, in the end.

I will say that I pay attention to action adjustement, cushions etc more than any of my derby mates. If I am having trouble figuring out the best action to make these work, chances are many of my league mates will be lost completely. Then again because they don't pay attention to and question these things endlessly, many of them figure they just cant skate well and give up completely. I would like to understand this better in order to find better action for those skaters who aren't as seasoned and want to make their da/45 plates work better for them.
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