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My custom dance harlicks are ready today. I am taking a half a day off work to pick them up.


I am very excited. My friend and team dance partner was there when the last parts came it, and he texted me at recess then Harlick called. I actually answered the phone at work (I am a teacher and I do not answer unless it is an emergency or Harlick).

Ginger at Harlick knows every skater who skates in Harlicks by name, and how they are connected to and in the skating world. She is one of those old fashioned receptionists who connects everything, and everyone. I love going there and getting all of the latest gossip.


2:30 cannot come soon enough...

Harlick Custom, Roll-line Mariner, Komplex or Cannibals
Harlick Custom, Roll-line Giotto, Roll-line 49 Magnum
BONT Vaypor, 100mm, Atom Whip xtra-firm
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