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Spring has sprung!

Apparently, most of the little kiddies were at the parks with mommy and daddy today.

First half of the session, it was slick out there...but there were more adults on wheels than kids, mixed with a few older teens. No little brats "chasing" the stupid lights...only one kid going thr wrong way...once, and that was only because when they turned down the lights, someone almost skated over her. The guy managed to hold her up, but got her completely turned around.

Halfway through, the floor got grippier, thanks to them opening the vents and turning on the fans, though we did get more birthday kids in, but all were very well-mannered.

Overall...a GREAT session today! In fact, this was one of the best I've been to in a LONG time out there. Seriously, my only complaint was the music. Requests were made (not just my kids) songs were played. I hate that DJ.
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