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Default Fun Seeing Gal Growth / +

Hi Again Adam,

Continuing with RollerKingdom's mini-blog.

1)Well it was fun last night to see several young gals from a family I haven't seen in maybe 2-3 years. They used to be regulars. One now is 19 and can almost still do her art stuff with leg to the sky, and two of her sisters are now around 14. Thank goodness the younger girls faces didn't change too much otherwise I wouldn't have recognized them.
2)As always the Derby gals are fun and some are once again showing up early. Cat told me about breaking in her new high quality boots in particular spots on the side edges. She did well before getting them mounted.
3)Petered out a 30-40yr old mom who looks like she used to rhythm skate since she had the moves. She followed me for as much as she could handle a few time and knows she is going to have to give up smoking.
4)Only 3 of those blasted carts on the floor tonight, and dang it they removed someone with a stroller as if the strollers are more dangerous. I will have to ask why.
5)Darn Left Knee still isn't full healed so had to take it easier than I enjoy

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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