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Originally Posted by Little View Post
Thanks Gee. I have never seen those things before. The washer and nut yes but that other thing. Where on the wheel does it sit?
The image I post before has Atlas dust caps, lock nut and dust cap with an integrated lock nut. I like to use the Atlas dust cover on the side of the wheel toward the end of the axle and I like to use the Rannalli dust caps on the side of the wheel against the truck. The Rannalli dust caps made of thick steel, they work well as a dust cap with integrated thin spacer. Dust caps were popular before bearings were made with circlip and removable cap. I still prefer using dust caps to removing and setting a circlip.

Rannalli rear dust cap

(Click on thumbnail for full size image)

Atlas plates with Atlas and Rannalli dust caps

(Click on thumbnail for full size image)
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