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Originally Posted by Foot2big View Post
Too bad the camera and the sun weren't cooperating. If you squint on a big monitor you can see it tho.
Got me thinking of paving my whole back yard.

Hey, I noticed you still have the camo boot liners. I saw those in the new skates with the clear frames (that broke). I presume the liners get moved from skate to skate and did not come with the clear frame skates.

My boss rents half a warehouse near the river in New Orleans. Currently, the other half is empty. There is an adjoining door that is always locked. Your indoor spots got me wondering if I can gain access to the empty half, at least while the weather is mild. There are sky lights and we own two big fans that would fit through that door. Just a couple of long extension cords and I have my own private rink. Concrete floors smooth as glass.
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