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Default Rain questions

Next weekend there is a nice 80km tour. But the forecast is sadly a lot of rain. I would feel bad about not going because some volunteers have put a lot of effort in it. So I've been reading about driving in rain but still got some questions.

Should I opt for new or used (good quality) wheels? Will new heels have noticeable better grip in the rain? Or go for used because debris sticks to wet wheels easy and thus there is a large chance to damage wheels?

And I'm worried about my bearings. Last weekend I had my first rain ride, a 55km tour. I started with clean and oiled Bont abec7 bearings. At the end they squeaked but remained drive able. With cleaning they gave up a lot of dirt! Last night I used them again and they felt quite sluggish but did 30km well. It was again raining (into each life some rain must fall) and there was again some mud inside. For the 80km this weekend I have three bearing options in mind, what's your advice?
Use these old Bont abec7, will they hold out? Use new Bont abec7 and fill them with a lot of lithium grease. Will that be fast enough? There is a fixed speed of 22km/u but I'm not a terrific skater. Or use my oiled Dmb ceramic bearings with rubber shield? With these shields in can't see a gap / any light coming through. That might withstand the water and dirt better. But this review is not positive about that.

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