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Default A Great Austin, Texas Trail

Hi Everybody! This is my first post, and I had to jump on this thread because I just skated a trail that I should have skated years ago.

I have been in the greater Austin, Texas area for over 20 years. Earlier this week, I went to the Veloway bike and skate trail in South Austin. It was awesome!

The trail only allows bikes and skaters - no mall walkers, no pets, no skateboards, no b.s. It was great. The trail is paved with pretty smooth asphalt / cement and there was just a little debris on the trail. The trail has a number of hills and good turns.

Best of all, water fountains, port-a-potties and lots of trees. It was beautiful. I plan to go skate it again next week when the kids are off for Xmas / winter break (one of the upsides of Austin 65F in the winter).

I was able to skate in my 103a wheels and didn't have much trouble. It was a little bumpy, but good overall....and fast. I'll probably use my 78a outdoor wheels next time.

I took some video of my trip. I'll come back and post some photos / video later. Here it is on TrailLink -

It was in the middle of the week, so no one was there. If you are in Austin or ever visit, I highly recommend it.
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