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Good Day to all. I'm Jodie. I have been skating somewhere around 20 years. About 8 years ago, I had to give it up due to a bad injury to my ankle. (6 screws). Had to teach myself how to walk again. I skated when I was a kids at the local rink in Orlando, FL. Loved it. That was the place to be every weekend. As time goes on you start doing other things. Eventually I got a job as a floor guard at a rink over in Cocoa Beach. I had a few opportunities come my way. Speed team and street skating teams had looked into me. But had a hard time as a kid to commit to anything in live. Now i am 39, I am married with 2 kids and a wife. I just recently got back into skating heavily. I have 3 pair of skates. Icon, R3 and a new pair of Bont Semi-Race Skates. My Icon are not fitting well, so I am giving them to a friend. My Riedell R3's are doing well. I will live with those for awhile. My Bonts are new after a big issue with my VNLA Empire Inlines. Which they blew my off on a legit warranty claim. But anyways. I am glad and happy to be apart of the forum and cant wait to read the topics on here. Thank you.
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