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Smile Thanks for the reply Don/EMTDPF.

Yes, we have talked about that before, but yes I’m talking about Del Monte Gardens, Monterey, Ca. You once talked about Jan who was the sister of Keith and they were our best skaters at the Rink. I can imagine you talking to Jan, because she was a very friendly skater and would not turn down a conversation with anybody. She was very friendly and polite to people she didn’t know, a very good quality. And by the way she was probably one of the best looking girls you would ever meet…right….LOL!?

I know not to many people would be interested in this, but I have been buying a lot of Skating Magazines from the 40’s and 50’s seeing if I could understand the sport before I was born…loll! And it was surprising, Del Monte Gardens, might have had a different name before Manual bought It. It might have been called the Rolladium. Also Manual had another rink not too far away, in Pacific Grove, Ca which was called Skateland.

Also, I could see who the pros were and the people skating and the way they advertised and supported the sport in the advertisements/programs. It is just fascinating to me. It’s kind of like researching your parents before they got married. Where they lived, the sports they played and the businesses they owned.

I remember when my mom passed away I gave her a video of all the pictures I had collected from the 50+ relatives I had. She was simply blown away, she said “Larry, you know more about your father than I do”…lol! So, it’s neat to have a perspective on the sport and history is not all that!

As far as the term “Box”, I just made that up because I didn’t want to say “tracking” or “square” or matching you partners swings, etc.

I will say this; I think I do a lot of things wrong when I skate, so lately I have been envisioning skating with a partner next to me when I skate. I think it helps with my body position, turning, swings, etc because you can’t really do too much when you are skating with a partner. Everything has to be straighter and in that “tube”…lol!

Thank you for all the important information you gave.

Since Dawn always approaches me and tries to help everybody at the rink, new comers and people who have been skating for a while I was thinking about approaching her about lessons in dance, because I don’t think Bob will want to waste time with the basics, which I’m just learning all the dances in Esquire/Veterans or Masters. I have never learned these dances before. They are all knew to me.

I really think Dawn thinks I want to skate Freestyle and suggested I take lessons from Jackie Cross. Actually I’m not too interested in taking lessons in Freestyle unless it will be for proficiency tests, which surprisingly I have never taken one…LOL!

Manual just thought it was a waste of time. We were not a freestyle rink although a lot of people skated freestyle before they all left for whatever reasons….college, girlfriends, work or whatever. And it's more amazing that Manual did not teach me Dance, he taught me freestyle and really thought I had a chance to be pretty good.

But the thing that sticks in my mind, was before he died he told me “Larry if you gave as much time to dance as you do freestyle, you would be pretty good”…LOL. So I kind of want to give Dance a second chance and give it everything I got for Manual. And since Bob loves dance it all seems to make sense. I think I’m in the right rink, the right place and with the right pros.


Larry O
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