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Originally Posted by Ancient1 View Post
Are we all still on vacation!!! Sheesh! no activity. Please
Oh, sorry I've done a lot of sessions and I always attempt this spin several times. There actually was a good spin in there, but I'm inconsistent.

I'm a little better at the IB, but not great. Actually, if I set my right foot just off of a mohawk I do pretty good. But not the right entry. It's a lift a foot deal not a proper all on one foot deal.

Anyway, I learned from an app that I may be setting a bit wrong. I think I've been failing to set the spin off of the chactaw over the rear outside wheel. Then rock to the inside front wheel. Instead I have been spiraling off the choctaw and trying to set it after the rock over.

BTW the entry for the OF looks the same to me, just leave the free foot out a bit and spin over the outside back wheel. And you don't spin as tight or fast as the IB. Is that correct?

I'm actually a bit better, but not where I want to be (well, I'll never be there). I wish this indiana weather would allow me to get some skate park video, but it's way too cold for that.

I'm going to the rink tonight. I'll let you know how it goes.
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