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Originally Posted by Ancient1 View Post
Putting the free leg out and up allows you to setup to increase your centrifugal force when you pull in. Putting it out stores your linear speed, pulling it in after you established the spot for the spin and entered the spin will increase your speed inside the spin. Lifting up the leg and mostly the knee gets your knee in the proper position for an IB upright spin.

So show me what you are doing now my young grasshopper.
This was it! It was the swing leg all along. I was swining forward instead of brining it up and around. I didn't get it my first spin but it was abvious that brining my swing leg higher and around was going to work. I worked on the entry for a while then my first attempt I brought the leg up but dropped it in fromt again. Then finally I got it all the way around and kept my leg high with some knee bend. I got a couple of reveloutions on the edge my last revelotion stil ended up one on toes though, but the spin was set and I did not fall out.
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